The burden of ThatEnyimbaFan

Good morning Guys.

This post may not be about Enyimba. I most certainly hope you understand. By tomorrow, we’d talk about the club and the aiteo Cup sojourn. Today and like every 8th October, I’m gonna talk about me.

It’s my birthday today. (Don’t bother asking of my age cos I’m probably gonna give you a football age). But, 4:40pm on a Monday evening, a couple of years ago, God sent me into this world. My parents named me Iheariorochi Samuel – two names that meant exactly the same thing.

They were asking for a second male child and I came as that answer. Four other siblings followed afterwards. But as it eventually turned out, I was and am the tallest and currently the biggest of them all. Guess God had so much he wanted to put inside me and with abundant raw materials, he built this 6’6″ man.

I can’t boast of as much experience or success yet as I had dreamt for myself but as I enter this new year, I am grateful for one thing – the privilege of knowing Jesus Christ and living for him. Life on earth is crazy. There are tonnes of things I don’t understand. But God has been the source of light, help and hope.

The best part of this new age is that I’ve gotten a birthday gift from God already. He has given me the route and direction for the next 365 days. And for that, I’ll boldly say have the best birthday gift I could ever require. I am stronger, I am better, I am wiser, I am richer, I am more graced than at any other time in my life. For this I am grateful.

I’m grateful to God for my family, my friends, my audience here on the blog and for every mentor, fatherly figure I have known in my life. My biological father has gone home to be with the Lord but certain people keep blazing the light and instructing me in the way I ought to go.

My humble prayer for you my dear audience is that God shines his light in your life and cause you to make progress beyond your wildest dreams. That he strengthens your heart and hands to do and to be all that He wants you to be.

Thank you for always coming on here. May God bless you always.

There’s a special dinner tonight. If you need an invite, you’ll have to write to

I’ll be back tomorrow; Have a blessed day everyone.



7 thoughts on “The burden of ThatEnyimbaFan

  1. Happy Birthday Man, Praying for the very Best life has got to offer You in all your Endeavours. Good Health, Sound Mind, Blessings upon Blessings. Enjoy your day to the fullest.

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  2. “I was and am the tallest and currently the biggest of them all.”

    I’m happy you said this because it emphasises what I’ve been saying all along: when you’re big, you’re big. Sai baba ooo 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

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