Hey Raja Casablanca, grow up and stop being silly

Good morning Guys

I don’t like you waking up to the blog when the dominant theme is one of anger because I’ve learned that blogs and such online platforms influence the opinions, moods and perceptions of the audience. When however there’s disgusting news to share, what do you do?

So I saw this piece online. And I’m gonna share these series of tweets below.

Despite a great away result, Raja Casablanca were not impressed with the treatment by hosts Enyimba during their stay in Nigeria.

Several players voiced their disappointment with the reception, accomodation and overall conditions, which fueled RCA’s motivation ahead of the game.

On the surface, this looks an innocent reporting of ill treatment. But the truth underlying thing is that this is totally false. Reception, Accommodation, General conditions. What exactly do those even mean? Try explaining it to me. You’d find out it doesn’t even make any kind of sense.

Now the person who tweeted this, failed to put any quotes, failed to mention any specific things anyone said or reported to have been done to them. Just inciting anger. This is the North Africans and their antics.

Does anyone remember how we were treated in that 3-0 away defeat to Etoile du Sahel? Every one member of the Enyimba contingent could only be allowed to sit on the bench. There was no section of the crowd where we were allocated space.

Objects and missiles were petted out at us for the duration of the game and that’s even ignoring the hostility on the team bus to and from the stadium. Yet we held our composure and won that game on penalties. Had we not won on penalties where they literally ejected themselves, I wonder what would have happened.

What happened to Raja when they came to Aba? First they failed to produce their itinerary and such we couldn’t be at the airport at 2am to pick them up. The hotel accommodation they used for secure and nobody touched anyone before, during and after the game. How have we erred?

I’ll tell you what stupid posts do. Such stupid posts is a subtle way the club incites her fans to act unruly when we come for the return fixture. That what Etoile did on Twitter and don’t be surprised when we experience this in two weeks.

This is how the North Africans are notorious and guess what? Someone already replied “An eye for an eye”. My response to that is…If only they would treat us exactly as we treated them, there would be no complaints.


Back tomorrow



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