Pillars date beckons but some dressings at home

Good morning Everyone.

All attention is firmly fixed on the weekend as we battle Kano Pillars for a place in the aiteo Cup semifinals. The team were on the road yesterday and Gombe being Gombe, you’d think they should arrive sometime today. You’d wanna suggest flying.

A very interesting conversation ensued yesterday on Twitter when one of the players accused the fans of being too negative. Another player joined him chorusing that the fans are no good. One player from a nearby club then went too far by said hanging around Boko Haram was even better than what we were offering as fans.

On social media streets, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But when it comes to voicing it, there must be a limit for the players. Professional clubs all over the world, in fact in intercollegiate athletics, student athletes are not even allowed to utter whatever they feel like. No matter how strong you feel about it.

It is wrong for anyone to equate fans with Boko Haram. He crossed the line and I think he knows it and that’s why I haven’t mentioned his name or his club. And although we blame the fixtures scheduling for Wednesday’s defeat, I don’t think anyone had taken it too hard on the players.

Our lamentation before and after the game was on why the management had okayed such number of games for the players. Every complaint we make is for the players. When they are owed salaries, we get on here and talk about it. We fight for their wellbeing and to be honest, we mostly get nothing tangible in return.

I don’t think that we have been overtly negative on the players. Did you see the supporters club applauding the players at full time? I mean I even put up a tweet in their defence following that result. I said I don’t fault the players and nobody in their right minds would. Aside playing against a better opposition, they had played too many games in a short time to even mount a strong challenge.

I am very proud of what this team has done this season. We have overperformed by the standards of the previous seasons. Yes, we are supposed to be a powerhorse in Africa but we know we are not. In the country, we have shown that we are heads and shoulders above everyone else.

That is why we must build on this success. Whatever happens between now and November, we must build on it into the next season. We don’t need a massive surgery. We need to build on this and get on better for the seasons ahead.

That’s all I’ve got in my locker this morning. Back tomorrow



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