Enyimba v Raja Casablanca: It’s show time guys

Good morning Guys,

Ok then, the talk is almost over and today is the day. Enyimba v Raja Casablanca, and what’s on board is a place in the semifinals. In a season battered by Solomon Dalung and Chris Giwa, Nigeria’s most successful club is serving up yet another classic.

Both teams are nothing short of giants in their different respects. Heavyweights in the Continent and very good teams. Coach Abd’Allah said in his interview that one side is quicker while the other is faster. Someday when I become a coach, I’ll probably understand.

Yesterday’s blog, Nnanna Kalu took us back memory lane on how both teams have slugged it out in the past. You may wanna take a look at that post – it’s something more of a collector’s item of some sort. Go back and take a peep. You’re welcome.

So while there’s certainly respect for their ability and an acknowledgement that we’re going to have to work our socks off to ensure they don’t dominate the game the way they can, this is our home and we don’t have any fear. We’re in good form, we’ve got our important players fit and healthy and I think we’re going to give them a real game.

Except of course Isiaka Oladuntonye. But we have Nelson Ogbonnaya, don’t we? He has been tidy since his signing – the later and we would need him at his best tonight. The defensive unit has been good recently and we all need to concentrate and work our socks off because let me spill it – we will be tested.

When we have it we need to be as calm as possible. I think they’ll try to do what Zamalek did in Port Harcourt few seasons ago. They’ll close us down, basically sit back and wait for us to make mistakes. But there’s no doubt in my mind that we’ve got the attacking ability to hurt them.

For me, however, the most important area is midfield. Dare Ojo and Austin Oladapo played pretty ok in that game against Rayon Sport. It is important that the burden of controlling the game Is with us and not them. Hopefully we are able to stifle their threat to a great extent.

Tonight we’ll get a chance to pit ourselves against one of the best teams in the Continent- a team that’s capable of winning the CAF Confederation Cup. But if we really want to win this competition, then we better overcome this hurdle. And we do need our fans, kickoff is 2pm. People will have to leave their shops early and make their way in.

It’s a difficult task, no doubt about it, but not impossible. Today is just the first leg but I think we’ve got the momentum and the ability to get ourselves into a good position for the trip to Morocco. The two legged semifinal doesn’t have to be won tonight, in fact I don’t think it can be won tonight, but it can be lost.

Nerves? None. Excitement? Absolutely. But this is what we signed up for as Enyimba fans and we’ve got a great chance today to show we can hold our own with the best, and not just that, really give them something to think about too.

It’s going to be a long day, but we are at the threshold of history. Expect streaming links via our twitter handle @enyimbaenyi.

Come on Enyimba!


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