Decisions: The Enyimba hierarchy has made some good calls this season.

Happy Independence Day Guys. I’m gonna say just this – One day, we will get it right. Nigeria looks a mess right now, but I do believe that one day, it’s gonna be alright. What’s my proof? I’ve got none. I’m only just holding onto the one thing I’ve got left- Hope. God bless Nigeria.

Nigeria is the way it is today because of decisions made by the leaders of yesterday. Decisions to choose someone’s selfish interests ahead of the collective good of the country. Today we are ranked the poverty capital of the world despite having more natural resources than most developed countries today. Countries like Israel don’t even have water yet they are not running to anyone for handouts.

The Enyimba Management has been making good decisions of late and if we have criticized them for wrong decisions, we have to praise their better good decisions. I have listed three good decisions they have made this season which clearly has been very smart moves. Decisions you think have helped us get to where we are today.

First is the appointment of Musa Abd’Allah as head coach. His reign has coincided with a brilliant run by the team and as it stands, we would be foolish to just let him go after this season. He has managed a squad many feel is unmanageable. He has gotten most of them playing better and indeed here we are in the semifinals of a CAF competition again. Good call.

Next up is the signing of striker Sunday Adetunji. We have spoken a lot about his signing and I dare say, we haven’t been this excited about a player since the signing of a certain Mfon Udoh from Akwa United. It does appear it’s only a loan move from Akwa United but if there’s a player who deserves to lead our line for the near future, that’s the man, Sunday Adetunji.

The third one good decision for me is the signing of midfielder Jean Marie from Energy FC. He hasn’t featured for us in the Continent this season because he is cup-tied but there is a genuine sense of optimism within the club about him. I think we have seen someone who will be a Prince in our midfield for years to come. It didn’t happen with Franco, this should be the real deal.

The club hierarchy has made smart calls that have us in the semifinals of a CAF competition this term. We also are in the quarter-finals of the Fed Cup. The difference between success and failure in a big club is down to such little decisions. Our boardroom suits have made inspired decisions. They deserve our commendation. Many more ahead.

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