Enyimba 1-0 Katsina United.

Good morning Guys.

So despite our wailing and complaints on the blog yesterday, we still are gonna play 4 games in 6 days. Let’s be honest, our complaints came a little too late. If we had any plans to protest, it would have happened long before we traveled to Gombe.

So what was yesterday’s blog all about? Noisemaking? Naaa, we don’t make noise here. Yesterday’s blog was about satisfying ourselves that we did talk when certain suits were making decisions that lacked any football thinking. But then, maybe we expect too much of our administrators.

I actually do agree because you know you can’t give what you don’t have. A person who doesn’t understand how the body of a footballer works won’t be able to appreciate the reasons why playing such barrage of games in such a 5 day period is more harm than good.

Anyway, we did indeed play an Aiteo Cup fixture yesterday. The gaffer made three changes to his Sunday’s lineup and all of them in defence. Anaemena, Oladuntonye and Afelokhai we’re replaced with Governor, Ogbonnaya and Goalkeeper Ezenwa. The opponent was Katsina United.

We didn’t get the privilege to see a lot of the action but we won 1-0, a ferocious strike by Sunday Adetunji was enough to fetch us the maximum points. The club’s new media management isn’t that concerned with play by play. Lineups, halftime, fulltime. It’s ok.

So we play Plateau United today. I do hope we have a round of new faces. Even though I feel we won’t. Two teams should make it out of this Group right? If that’s the case then we shouldn’t look to kill our selves over Plateau United, especially seeing we will face J Atete tomorrow. If we aren’t able to take care of Atete then maybe we don’t deserve to be at this stage of the competition.

All the best to the lads. We should have corner-kick in a couple of hours.



4 thoughts on “Enyimba 1-0 Katsina United.

  1. I think Nigerians have thick skin for this kind of arrangement so the players will pull through the rigours of the tight schedule.

    That is why we are stronger than Europeans and why Jose Mourinho craves for such.

    Besides they’ll have a huge heap of garri/fufu with egusi/afang/vegetable soup and energy issagoal. 😄

    However, no guarantees they’ll beat Raja in Aba next week. 🙃

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  2. I suggest that this enyimba team can stand against any team With the calibre of players and with right tactical approach to games, with the confidence among the players they can rock any boat.

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