Well worth the wait…!

Good morning All!

We still basking in the euphoria of Sunday’s thumping win. You can watch those goals again here – you’ll never get tired of seeing them especially if you’re a real fan of the club. Which was my favorite of all five goals? I’ll need to go watch them again to answer that.

The thoughts today are on how our new found beautiful football yesterday seems to coincide with our return home to our Rolls Royce Pitch. I’m not trying to campaign for Monimichelle or for Governor Ikpeazu but that pitch is money well spent. Yes, we may not have the kind of edifice Akwa United has but you can’t compare both playing surfaces right now.

This pitch came at a steep prize. We were literally homeless for nearly three years – shuttling between Port Harcourt, Umuahia, Calabar and that Adokiye Stadium at the backside of human civilization. And all these times we were the ridicule of the earth and yet, in the midst of all of it, we kept our identity intact. The club stayed focused.

If you ever watched us in the last two years, you could see the lack of coordination and organization to our play. It was just a question of balloon it out there and hope we convert one of our half chances. Yesterday looked different, felt different and indeed was different. You don’t score five goals at this stage of the competition if there’s nothing you’re doing right.

Our new pitch is helping us become a better team. It is no coincidence. Have you wondered why teams in Europe pay hefty fees to hire the best Groundsmen to cater for their pitches? You need the best playing environment to get the best out of your players. You don’t let your players train everyday on a potato farm and expect them to do a Messi or Modric. It doesn’t work that way.

If we want to grow our football, our administrators at every level must cut the greed and start paying attention to building and maintaining our facilities. We must consciously have it in our annual budgets, what things to do to ensure the players have the best playing surfaces. We have the capacity to grow world class players but it starts with providing them a decent playing surface.

This doesn’t mean that we have suddenly become Barcelona overnight. I mean, we could as well lose to Raja Casablanca over two legs but we can look back and hit our chest with pride – we have done something empathic, we have made significant progress on this front. And you know, Sometimes that’s really all that’s required.

Thank you to everyone who has made this pitch possible. We will reap these benefits for a long long time.

Back tomorrow



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