Enyimba 5-1 Rayon Sport: A day it all went according to plan

Good morning Guys.

There was a period in that game yesterday when five or six Rayon Sport players were dancing on the touchline. They had just done the impossible – they had just scored against Afelokhai. They had just gotten that away goal they needed to secure this tie. They should have waited. They should have waited till full-time.

For Rayon Sport, getting to this stage of the competition is already history. I dare say if someone offered them a quarterfinal place in this competition, they would have grabbed it with both hands. No Rwandan team had come this close before. So on a fair note, we beat a side we should beat. But…

At that stage in the first half, when Bonfilscaleb Bimenyimana had just cancelled out Stanley Dimgba’s opener and the stadium was thrown in a deathly silence, it looked like two equally matched teams. Of course heading into the game, the danger wasn’t conceding at home, the real trouble Enyimba faced was the profligacy of our strikers.

But yesterday was a different Enyimba. There was an urgency to make it into the next round from the Go. Unlike the CARA game where goals were precious and we waited till the last minute to get it, we were off to a flying start just 12 minutes into the game. Aba boy, Stanley Dimgba needs no introduction and yesterday? He made sure.

Left back Ikouwem was an absolute beast yesterday. Anyone who saw that game yesterday would see why there is so much hype about him. Ikouwem, Nigerian under-20 Captain is the real deal and one for the future. He took his goal well showing good control and finish. Mentions also must be made of the fullback on the opposite flank. Andrew Abalogu had a great game. I owe him a post someday.

Sunday Adetunji got our third and it was after fine work by Dimgba again. He’s a goal machine as everyone in the League acknowledges but scoring in front of the Aba faithful must has been a treasure for him. Joseph Osadiaye got the next goal and although it took a wicked deflection to fly past the goalkeeper, it was a very brilliant strike too.

The fifth came through Isiaka Oladuntoye nodding home Osadiaye’s freekick ten minutes before full-time. A day we had feared the worse. Feared that the players would misfire in front of goal again. Feared would be bad after we had conceded. At the end turned a 5-1 home win. It was nothing short of satisfying.

Dare Ojo impressed me in the middle as he slotted in nicely alongside Austin Oladapo. Despite an early yellow card, he did the dirty work in a tidy manner and even offered a dummy that resulted in the fourth goal. Afelokhai as well didn’t do so much but the little he had to do, he did with a real sense of purpose. It was a good all around display.

Coach Abd’Allah must get some credits as well. I do feel like we are improving under him and as we play at our pretty new pitch, we get would definitely keep getting better. Well, by way of rewards, we have been presented with Raja Casablanca as semifinal opponents. But we would deal with that information in the near future.

We bask in this absolute five-star performance and hope it inspires us to even greater things this term.

Back tomorrow



2 thoughts on “Enyimba 5-1 Rayon Sport: A day it all went according to plan

  1. our players were on top form yesterday.
    Been a while we’d seen this kind of 5-star performance from them.
    It’s good to say that our ticket money was perfectly spent.
    Can’t wait for 3rd October.

    Bring on Raja.

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