Enyimba v Rayon Sport: Reactions

Sunday’s game can’t come soon enough. And expectedly, everything on the blog right now should be thoughts on “our most important game” of the season. I know we’ve used that line before but as we progress in this competition, every next game becomes “our most important game” of the season.

So in response to Thursday’s corner-kick post, a friend, (name withheld) shared his thoughts contrary to an opinion on Thursday’s post. Check this out –

“…and considering we have suspended our best finisher indefinitely, this would be disastrous.”

Now his response –

“…How is Mfon your best finisher? I saw people shouting on Sunday. Mfon. Mfon. I’m like, am I missing something? Has he scored since we started again after the World Cup? Just because he hit two free kicks against the post”

“Mfon started in PH against Williamsville, started in Abidjan, started in Bamako, missed one-on-ones in first half against CARA in Aba. He’s as poor as the rest”.

“Enyimba has way too many misfiring and inconsistent strikers you can’t tell who is the main man”

“I think the playing pattern is a major problem that result to lack of goalscoring. There doesn’t seem to be a clear-cut process to score goals, all chances are always, make we pour forward, make we use three strikers to disturb them etc”

“What that means is that, whatever Enyimba do or not do in the remainder of their campaign has nothing to do with Mfon”.

I agree and haven watched/followed Enyimba these years, it’s not difficult to see his point and slightly agree.

In other news and I did touch on it in the blog yesterday, the thought of Groupings for the Aiteo Cup is totally insane. I mean what’s the point? Someone echoed similar thoughts –

“Who plays Group stage in a National Cup game? Seeing that each group of 4 would produce 2 teams that will progress to the quarter-finals, the idea of the group stage becomes questionable when a mere R16 knockout would produce the 8 Quarter finalists without wahala”.

It doesn’t make any sense to me.

I’ll just drop this here. You’d think that having created these centers, the Aiteo Cup organizers will deploy journalists to send out live updates from those centers. But I’ll be proud to remind y’all that I did say it here when the tournament begins that they won’t. Oh and if they do, I’ll be ok to eat my humble pie.

Enjoy your Saturday everyone and while in church tomorrow, Pray for Enyimba.

Back tomorrow with a match preview



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