A very unwelcome distraction; Mfon Udoh and Enyimba

This post wasn’t the surprise we promised yesterday. Far from it. But with the events of the past 24 hours or thereabout, we’ll have to air our views on the situation. Just Incase you’re still chin-scratching as to what I’m talking about, I’ll break it down.

First of all, someone would say, “Don’t stir up the news anymore because we do have a big game tomorrow”. Yes we do but this news could have been better managed by the parties involved. And even if you successfully get me to look the other way, what happens to other media outlets some from who our fans equally get their information from?

Let’s talk about this situation.

On Tuesday, we reported that two players were suspended in the Enyimba camp. We didn’t mention names, because we were trying to be sensitive with the game at the weekend in view. Right now, everyone’s undies are out in the open. The players are Mfon Udoh and Fatau Dauda. The former’s has to do with the situation with unpaid match bonuses.

As the captain, Mfon has to represent the players before the management while also being a liaison to the players for the management. Now in the latter scenario, it will be Mfon vs the rest of the team, most of which are aggrieved by a perceived sense of injustice. Mind you, the club does take disciplining players very seriously and such, some players would be hellbent on ensuring no breather is given the club till these payments are made.

So it thus becomes almost impossible for the captain to “control” his fellow players and make them bend to what the management wants. Mind you, this isn’t a recent development, it is one of the dirtier responsibilities of a captain. This was one of the reasons why Chinedu Udoji and that generation were kicked out of the club. Similarly how Ojobo also left.

Now, I’m not trying to paint the club as the devil because at some times, the demand players make are ridiculous. They can arrive for an away game and decide they don’t like the hotel you’ve chosen for them. They can wake up one morning and decide they won’t be training because they have not been paid match bonuses for the last game. Sometimes they do make ridiculous demands.

Well, somehow, this hasn’t been managed well and it did appear Mfon isn’t doing his “work” well as a behind-the-scenes liaison. The club decides to indefinitely suspend him. He wouldn’t take it quietly seeing that his contract with the club should end this season. And the captain then announces to everyone that since the league season is over, he had quit the club.

The management would respond via the statement they sent out yesterday. I don’t know the dates on the papers he signed but it is unlikely that Mfon’s contract ended on the day he was suspended. That would be some remarkable coincidence.

The irony of the situation is that this is the last thing we need at this phase of the season. We have a top clash this weekend which we will prosecute without one of our best players. In a personal opinion, I think the management would have planned to lift his ban in time to enable him play that game on Sunday. But with this situation, that’s never gonna happen.

Both parties do have their share of the blame but I do blame Mfon for how this has erupted. Could it have been better managed? Yes. Do I think he will play this weekend? No. Do I think this will be the end of Mfon’s time at Enyimba? I’m not sure. It does look so but with Enyimba, you never know. But I know, in a month’s time, this whole dust will have been nicely buried away.

We have a match tomorrow and there will be a decent match preview for it.

So enjoy your Saturday folks. Ama see y’all tomorrow.



4 thoughts on “A very unwelcome distraction; Mfon Udoh and Enyimba

  1. Why won’t Udoh and others misbehave? Why are you owing them match bonus in the first place? A whole club like Enyimba. Make una find your level and shift somewhere jor. 😒 Anyways Rayon pepper tomorrow. Maybe that’s what will make you wake up.


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