The Management has big big plans for Enyimba

Good morning Guys.

So I’ll start with the Aiteo Cup. The venue for our clash with Dynamite Force FC has been released and confirmed to be Nnewi. Is anyone playing in Aba? I’m only asking. I know there used to be Fed Cup games at the Aba Stadium years ago. I haven’t seen any games scheduled for our stadium; you’d think it’s a matter of time though.

Meanwhile you know Nnewi hasn’t always been a good hunting ground for us lately. For starts we haven’t won any game in Nnewi for as long as I can remember. Now I’m wondering if the choice of this stadium isn’t going to jinx us. A lower division opposition pumped up for a clash against the mighty Enyimba; pray its a false alarm.

My Forever sweetheart did a beautiful piece on the Enyimba stadium and the return home and I did find a few things quite interesting. I’d suggest you head off right after this blog to go read the post, it’s good stuff. Meanwhile this forever Sweetheart is very single, just in case one of you is seeing a vision, I have a direct line to her.

Of the many quotes in the article, this one by Chief Felix Anyansi-Agwu is both beautiful and very heartwarming.

We have a strong asset which is the stadium and it’s expected to generate revenue. So it’s now for us to device various means to use what’s been given to us to generate revenue for the club. It’s not going to be done overnight but serious steps are being taken to achieve all that. Enyimba will do a lot to capitalize on the euphoria of what we have at the moment. Our target is to be self sustained”.

I did hear the CARA game cost N500 per ticket for the popular stand N1000 for the VIP section. I was over the roof hearing that. Imagine how much the club would have made from tickets alone. Now the Chairman is talking of being self sustained. Just hearing those words gladdens my heart. Why? Because we know we are a brand to be reckoned with. I’m standing right with you sir. Just make it happen.

We can regulate the proceeds from the Enyimba Stadium including concessions sold at the stadium – Enyimba can make as much as N2.5million per match day. If you don’t believe this, you haven’t got a clue as to the possibilities that exist at the club. It is very possible. And no we haven’t even mentioned merchandise which is in itself a different kettle of beans.

Then there were words by the gaffer ahead of the game as well. “I don’t think they are an easy team,” said Coach Abdallah. “Because any team you see in this stage have come a long way. They are a very good team I have followed their results and they are doing very well.”

“The most important thing now is for us to qualify for the semi-finals. For us to win the competition we have to go through all the stages,” he added.

Setting targets only for the very next game could be a good idea, I think. Yes there are good teams yet in the Competition but take your games one at a time and there can be miracles too. But then, it’s back to beating Rayon Sport within the next two weeks.

There’ll be a juicy blog tomorrow here. And no, I’m not letting the cat out of the konkom!

Till tomorrow.



4 thoughts on “The Management has big big plans for Enyimba

  1. Chibuogwu is a darling.
    Forever sweetheart indeed.
    I like her more than you do.

    The chairman is absolutely right. Our stadium can generate more and more money for the club and state.

    As we calmly paid #1000 and #500 respectively to watch Enyimba/Cara , we can as well do same against Rayon and other matches in the CAFCC.

    The other avenue for such is selling of our replica Jersey.

    We can do this and make Enyimba the richest in the continent just like United in Europe.



  2. We can use what we have yo sustain ourselves,,, Yes we can,,but the question is ” Can we manage that which we have in a proper way to sustain ourselves?? ( begging for answers) like that say “Talk is cheat”….
    So let the club management no the needful because action speaks louder


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