Enyimba United? Seriously? Bunch of jokers.

Good morning Guys,

So I’m up today and I’m thinking of our strikers. We do have loads of them – Adetunji, Mustapha, Chukwude, Leonard, Bashir, Okonkwo, Obioma, Alalade and I think I’ve missed one or two. There’s of course Gabriel Orok and the wingers – Dimgba, Osadiaye, Omofoman, Mfon, Effiom. We do have quite an array.

Honestly, it’s not an unusual pool. By this I mean, we are well-known to stockpile anyone who advertises as a striker. And when you wanna throw in the stats, then we might not have so much of a friendship. The goals return has been scant and almost everyone expects it.

On a personal level, I think we do have quite a strong congregation. But the output is our major worry. Some didn’t score any goal all season and I think that’s a horrible place to be as a striker at the club. But looking ahead, you wanna know if the problem is that of missed chances or a lack of creativity by the midfield.

We can sweep under the rug – the excuse of the horrible play we did see earlier in the season because we still played in that horrible Calabar pitch. The Aba pitch is expected to make our play style a lot simpler. Our gaffer is probably one of the best trained/experienced, if not the best in the League, and hopefully there would be tangible evidence on the pitch.

The Aiteo Cup draws were made yesterday and we landed Edo based outfit Dynamite Force FC. They do come well advertised having dumped former League side Gombe United on penalties. That game ended 1-1 before it moved to penalties and that should tell all that’s necessary. They’ll defend well and attack when the chances open up for them to bump forward.

But that fixture would wait till we are back from Rwanda. It’s however worrying that the NFF sheet has us written as Enyimba United. These are very embarrassing mistakes and it does appear like there’s no end of it in sight. That’s how lackadaisical our leadership as far as the Nigerian Football Federation is concerned. It is shameful.

There’s an election coming soon and guess those voting, Presidents and Secretaries of the state FAs who don’t have a tenure range of their own offices and most of whom are just looking for money for their family upkeep. Nigeria Football at every level deserves visionary leadership and the present NFF has not shown that they do deserve a second bite of the cherry.

Can we trust these guys to pick someone deserving of the job? The next four years of our football depends on it. There’s corner-kick coming up in a few hours. And we are still accepting “My Enyimba Story” for those interested. Send them to ThatEnyimbaFan@gmail.com

That’s all for right now,

Back tomorrow



10 thoughts on “Enyimba United? Seriously? Bunch of jokers.

  1. Too many strikers.. But can’t give up to 20 goals combined together… What a shame,,,,its time they seat up,,as for Them calling us “Enyimba United” is not today we start seeing this kind of mistakes.. We are used to it

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  2. Aren’t we use to this kind of mistakes? We do of course.No be today E start…too many strikers yet they can’t give 20 goals combined together quite unfortunate, I think is time they find there scoring boot,,the early the better for both them the players and team as well


  3. Good write up
    But please don’t refer to Calabar stadium as horrible, they owners might not be happy, one good turn, deserves another
    I am also worried about our strikers not scoring goals especially chukwude and chinonso,
    We need every legs now as we have two important competitions in our hands now
    For dynamites, they will loss

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