Corner-kick: When your friendly circle becomes poisonous

As the head of any entity, it matters a lot where you get your information. This is especially true in a country like Nigeria, where a large number of people are in your ear, feeding you information as a means to curry favour.

The responsibility then is on you to filter all that information by discerning the character and intentions of the people who flock around you. If you fail to do so, the result is that you end up with a crowd feeding you what they think you want to hear.

Is this relevant to Enyimba? Yes. The Chairman, Felix Anyansi-Agwu, has been at the helm of the club for a very long time. Opinions as to how well he has done range widely, but no one can argue with his longevity and experience. However, in the above matter, he has not always done himself proud.

The danger with spending too long in the midst of a crowd feeding you what sounds good in your ears is that, eventually, even good, useful criticism seems like an attack. I read a very interesting interaction on a social media platform some days ago, where the merits of Anyansi’s work were being evaluated, and a certain well-known individual based and working in Aba immediately had his claws out to defend his paymaster.

My thinking is that, if you have been in charge somewhere for almost 20 years, it should not be a problem at all if someone wishes to evaluate your work. There are many things Anyansi can legitimately be proud of, and other things he will himself admit he could have done better.

But when a leader is surrounded by people who, as a reflex, are driven to defend him even when a reasoned, objective discussion is being had, he would do well to be on his guard. Because those people are trying to keep him in a small box, away from the world, so as to protect their means of livelihood.

It is in the interest of the Chairman of the club to open himself up to more criticism, and let his record stand by itself while he’s still in office. Else, it won’t stand the test of time when he’s gone anyway.


6 thoughts on “Corner-kick: When your friendly circle becomes poisonous

  1. It’s rather sad that leadership in Nigeria especially in football circles is not very kind to criticism. Its all about appreciating whatever is done even if it has very minimal impact.

    Sorry if Enyimba can’t be a brand beyond the walls of Aba, nobody has done anything worthwhile.

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