Adetunji debut, Mfon action and Kigali here we come

Good morning Guys.

I got up today wishing today was Thursday. So I’ll just rant a little bit and promise you the inevitable corner-kick. But no, today’s not Thursday. It’s Wednesday and I’ll have to create content for my daily disciples.

Does the word disciple really “cut” it? Maybe it does. Or does it? Are you a follower or you’re a convenient visitor. Come in when there’s a good story to feast on or the headlines are catchy or you’re in the group that only show up when there’s a victory you’re looking to regurgitate.

I really don’t blame anyone. I’ll probably do the same. And there are some days when there’s not a lot to share – come to think of it, is it that easy to find juice to share everyday. Especially this not being the English Premier League or some other professional setup.

So it takes a great deal of work to keep a blog like this averaging 200 visits everyday. Yea I know that if all of our 3000 plus followers on twitter would visit daily, the numbers will encourage us even more but truth is we are competing with every other stuff on social media looking to catch their attention too.

So in essence, I appreciate everyone who makes that moment of checking my stats pleasurable. Yes I do check that several times a day and while I grumble when the numbers aren’t what I’d imagined, I appreciate your daily visits nonetheless. It’s been a long long time we fell below 100- probably on days when I didn’t blog for that day. So, from my heart, thank you guys.

Mfon Udoh and Sunday Adetunji did make their Super Eagles appearances last night, a debut for the later although a game which featured a 51 year old President is more or less a novelty match. He didn’t need to have played his wife at left full back for this to be categorized as a Grade N friendly game.

But it would count. Adetunji has made his Super Eagles bow and in the manner his stock is rising, you’d hope he finds his way to Europe. Because it appears that’s the only way he would get the recognition and barrage of invitations/features he dreams. Take a look at Henry Onyekuru for instance. Even his heroics at Fernabache although recognized by UEFA hasn’t yet dawned on Mr Rohr. I’m not his fan tho – our German gaffer.

But then, our team is on its way to Rwanda where the trio of Ezenwa, Mfon and Adetunji would meet up with them. And on Sunday, in the words of King Leonidas, “we dine in hell”

Back tomorrow



4 thoughts on “Adetunji debut, Mfon action and Kigali here we come

      1. Excuse me why wouldn’t you be worried. Did you think i was joking when I said Enyimba should start saying their last prayers? 😋 Rayon pepper is waiting in Kigali. Best thing is to just hope for a miracle.😁

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