Rayon Sport in view but troubling brewing in Enyimba camp

Good morning Guys,

This will be a short post. Why? Because Y has two branches and a tail. It’s a hyper busy day for me and I can only afford thirteen minutes for this blog. Or was it better if there was nothing here at all? I’m not trying to be rude or disrespectful, I’m just saying I’ll be out of here sooner than I’m used to.

So good news first. You would have heard that two of our players have been invited to be part of the Super Eagles for today’s game. Strikers Sunday Adetunji who can’t stop scoring goals and our skipper Mfon Udoh will be roaring to get some action later today. It’s almost a CHAN team. You know what I mean.

As for the team, we head up toward Lagos as we ready for Sunday’s showdown in Rwanda. It’s a game on which the rest of our season does hinge on and you’d hope the lads are physically and mentally ready for these fixtures. I’ll like to say, our 2003/2004 set are almost immortalized by fans and the club alike – Continental success is the real deal.

But all is not well in the camp. Two senior players (names withheld) are currently suspended from the team. It was something that had to do with some money. One of these guys is a goalkeeper and it is believed he may not remain in the team for much longer. In due season, these information will be public. Agadi na-agwo ofe, shouldn’t we be staying focused at this time?

In the Aiteo Cup, there’s been some interesting results. The likes of Akwa United and Rivers United took their opponents to the cleaners while the likes of Heartland, Lobi Stars and MFM got run over by lower division opposition. It’s only the Fed Cup, isn’t it? Well, our League Champions better stay woke. This is what the CAF Champions League looks like – it’s knockout from the go. Hope you prove us all wrong.

That’s your lot for today,

Back tomorrow



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