Hello from Rwanda; our opponents are talking tough

We do appear are the only team still having something in the similitude of a season. The League is over, Heartland and Sunshine have somehow miraculously avoided relegation, the teams are readying for the AIteo FA Cup, including those who will only play one game. For us, our season is still and very well in play.

I stumbled upon an interesting interview by Rayon Sports midfielder Imanishimwe Djabel. And this interview will be the theme of our blog today. I got it off the goal website. Let’s get right into it, shall we?

“I think that it will not be an easy quarter-final match because Enyimba is a good team,” Djabel told Goal.

“But we are excited with the outcome of the draw and looking forward to playing Enyimba. They have good players but we have nothing to fear about them. We also have some quality and young talented players on our team and we will try to put in our very best to beat them.

“Well, I really do not know much about Enyimba. The only thing that I know is that they have a good goalkeeper Ezenwa Ikechukwu. I saw him in Morocco during the African Nations Championship with some others in the Nigerian team.

“Like I said earlier, we equally have a good team, we are working hard, have great team spirit amongst us. We are excited to reach this level in the competition thanks to our coach. We hope to keep up our performance in order to make it to the final.”

I think it’s interesting to hear someone from their camp air their views about us. Lately, I’ve been seeing some visits from Rwanda on the stats column of this blog. Isn’t it interesting that for African football, you’d rarely find anything by way of live matches and videos from the Leagues like we have the European Leagues?

In other news, the Aiteo Federations Cup draws will be made today. We would discover who our next opponents are. And if you’re not certain of the gravity of that statement, the only other way of the Enyimba stadium hosting Continental competitions is by being the country’s representative through winning the Aiteo Cup.

Hopefully it’s a favorable draw and hopefully we are fresh enough and match fit to scale the hurdles and successfully reclaim our Federations Cup trophy. “Our”? You saw what I did there?

Back tomorrow.



4 thoughts on “Hello from Rwanda; our opponents are talking tough

  1. You should already know that the guy is just bluffing. Trying to give Enyimba respect when within the Rwandans know they would whoop Enyimba’s ass. Barcelona do this a lot and I think it’s better for them to come out plain and say we are going to beat Enyimba. That way Enyimba would be saying their last prayers even before kick-off 😜

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