Aiteo Cup schedule, Marketing and a little bit of this and that

Good morning Guys,

So I was in a marketing class yesterday. The professor sang and sang of fun ways people do marketing nowadays, spoke of the emotional connections fans have of Sports products – teams, players, sports facilities and a match day experience and the whole time I kept thinking of Enyimba, Nigerian League, Nigerian Football.

Ours is a very unique environment and while I’m not claiming that more is impossible, it’s a well known fact we do lack the right stability for our environment and of course the technical deficiency on how to explore all that is possible. As I watch what other sports teams do, I ask myself like my late Dad taught me, “How do I bring this home?”

This is how this blog started. For years I’ve been an ardent follower of Arseblog, an Arsenal blog and daily the guy waxes lyrical on Arsenal matters. And I would always wish that my boyhood club gets such social media and internet coverage. Today, people can get here on the blog and learn a thing or two about Enyimba. They can find recent information about the club.

This is why a lot of times we are pinpointing the deficiencies and areas of improvement at the club. I envision a day where people can have household items branded in the club’s colors. The Aba people are emotionally connected to Enyimba and like a man to woman relationship, it is easy to have a man part with his money, if that preserves his relationship.

Do I believe things will ultimately get better? Yes I do, although it’s the faintest of hopes. Thing is, there doesn’t necessarily have to be a change of guard at the helm of the club for this to happen. It all begins with a desire and belief that more is possible. It reminds me of a certain Frenchman who is immortalized somewhere in North London, for daring to believe that a local football team can be totally revolutionized and turned into a world brand.

How many firms around us could benefit from our reach – both physically and via social media? A lot of them. But like I started earlier, it would take more than just wishful thinking. We have stadium rights up for grabs, we have jersey sponsorships, we have other smaller sponsorship packages possible depending on what the firms are willing to bring to the table. Meanwhile, Amazon is now worth $1 trillion. Smile, my friend.

In other news, the schedule for the Aiteo Cup is out. Here,

Roookie Round – Wednesday, 5th September

Round of 64 – Sunday, 9th September

Round of 32 – Sunday, 16th September

Group Stage – 24 -28th September

Quarter-finals – Wednesday, 3rd October

Semi-finals – Sunday, 7th October

Grand finale – Sunday, 14th October

I’m thinking Enyimba would surely be playing on Sunday 14th October 2018. I know you believe that too.

That’s all for today, back tomorrow,



One thought on “Aiteo Cup schedule, Marketing and a little bit of this and that

  1. I’ve kind of believed that if there was going to be a reawakening in Nigerian club football, it would start from Enyimba but it seems those at the helm of affairs don’t realise the goldmine they are sitting on.

    Enyimba should not just be confined to the walls of Aba but the entire country. Why are they record league champions then?

    Enyimba should be a name that resonates on everyone’s lips nationwide. I once reasoned that the popularity of the club should be able to break ethnic sentiments and stereotypes but seems its not good to think too far.

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