Early thoughts on our Rayon Sport date.

Mornings like this make me wish I don’t own this blog. The obligation to write everyday with me battling this sleep is my greatest challenge on earth. Lies. That’s not my greatest challenge on earth. My greatest challenge on earth is how to become “slim-fit” again.

The draw we all literally prayed for, came home yesterday. Rayon Sport of Rwanda and before I go on, I’ll like to highlight that getting paired with them is in no way am automatic slot into the next round. We all would have watched enough football matches to learn that no free wins are given you; you’ll have to work your socks off.

But it’s the Rwandans who are making a first ever bow in the quarterfinals of a CAF Competition. That tells you that they would feel getting here is already an overachievement. They would go for it with no pressures and it’s left with us to either progress to the semifinals or get knocked out by a Nasarawa United (Federations Cup 2016). What’s it gonna be?

The game is about two weeks away. We’d head out first to play them in Kigali Rwanda on September the 16th and in a week, we host them at our temple in Aba. We would do a proper match preview and an analysis of their recent activity in the days ahead. Yet again I will reject the temptation to call this the easiest of all draws. Two weeks will help us decide.

Meanwhile, a lot of our fans were complaining about the poor lighting at the stadium for the CARA game. I did complain and honestly, it was poor. And in our defence, maybe the game came a little bit too early for us as we awaited the arrival of the floodlights the Governor had ordered. The contractor said the lights were his mission in Lagos that Wednesday while we played. Hopefully we would have blazing lights when Rayon comes a-visiting in a fortnight.

Meanwhile the Aiteo Cup was scheduled to start on the 5th of September. This Wednesday. Up till now there haven’t been any draws to that respect. It does appear like the League was the main issue and having gotten that out of the way, it’s back to sleeping positions. It’s a shame.

Sometimes you have this feeling, a fear feeling that for some of our administrators, the Football is secondary, the money is everything. Difficult to argue against it. No one thinks of the country and the potentials possible within it. Nor does anyone do more by way of helping others stand?

I’m done breaking my head over these situations. Hopefully, someone will be appointed that will make the difference. While we wait for that to happen, ill retire right now and return tomorrow.



6 thoughts on “Early thoughts on our Rayon Sport date.

  1. “Slim- fit again”
    Of course, being awake all night would help you to achieve that. Lolz.

    But, you look amazing the way you are.
    Some slim guys actually want to have your structure.

    @Enyimbafc , if you worked hard before facing Djoliba and CARA, you have to work harder for Rayon Sport.


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