CAF Confederations Cup Draws: who gets Enyimba?

Good morning Guys,

New week, new month, and gradually the year is wrapping up. Apologies for the No Show yesterday. But then again, there wasn’t so much by way of events to keep us scribbling here, so we slept in early and decided to take the day off here on the blog.

The big news started out today is that our CAF Confederations Cup Quarter final draws will be made today. Toping our Group should mean we will be paired against the runners from the other three Groups. That trio is made up of Al-Masry of Egypt, AS Vita Club of Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda’s Rayon Sport.

Rayon Sport had been on everyone’s lips since we won the Group and we do feel they could be somewhat of an easy proposition compared to the remaining three. Hopefully the draws heed the voice of the masses or better still, hand us an opposition we can easily roll over, and head into the semis. Bad news, there are no easy fixtures nowadays.

Speaking of CAF, I made an amazing discovery yesterday. So they rolled out these videos of the route to the quarterfinals for the teams. I patiently waited for ours and eventually it arrived. I had just hailed the tweet before I saw a colossal error. On the highest goal scorer, they claimed Ibrahim Mustapha was our goal-king with two goals.

Fair point. But their choice of this goal-king was a picture of central defender Ernest Governor. It was shocking and to think it’s still be there despite our mild protests. That got me worrying and thinking. Yes, there’s no way these CAF webmasters and social media experts could differentiate Ibrahim from Governor. After all they don’t watch us weekly, aren’t they inexcusable?

Or do they have a way out but the incompetence and slow thinking we are used to in these parts isn’t the bane yet again? I think so. At the start of every season, every club participating in the Continental competitions have their passport pictures on the CAF website. it’s easy to find Ibrahim’s photo there.

Alternatively, CAF could hire contract staff to work in the media to aid the coverage. It won’t cost the world especially if CAF were an organization that was concerned with excellence. This is what FIFA does with the World Cup. They hire international journalists who know a thing or two about each local team coming for the World Cup and with that, such stupid errors are eliminated. Quality match previews and reviews and key stats for teams and personnel are taken note of.

Anyway, we hope we get a fair draw today and the guys behind the media console doesn’t pair us with Egyptian side Al-Masry. I hope I haven’t jinxed Enyimba. But then again, we don’t care, we can beat up anyone in our way.

Enjoy your day everyone. I’ll be back tomorrow.



4 thoughts on “CAF Confederations Cup Draws: who gets Enyimba?

  1. Final draw:
    Al-Masry vs Enyimba
    First leg result:
    Al-Masry 4-0 Enyimba

    Second leg result
    Enyimba 1-1 Al-Masry

    Al-Masry progress 5-1 on aggregate.
    You all should be thinking of an exit already for your own safety. 😁

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  2. That was how they used a 3sc pic for us some two years ago.
    CAF media whacks.

    By the way, we can play any Egyptian and survive because the Egyptian you see today, you shall see them no more.


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