League season ends but a storm is coming

Good day Guys,

It’s a late late post today. Apologies. I’ll just say, it’s circumstances beyond my control. I did try; but sometimes trying is not enough. And for this sake, we have this blog coming 10 hours later than it usually comes up. Apologies. Ndo, Pele.

The last couple of hours have been intense in the Nigerian Football space. We did mention it in the last line of Friday’s blog. It did however appear some clarification has come out from the LMC following their statement yesterday. Having looked at it, I do have some further thoughts on the issue.

First of all, the situation with Giwa and Dalung boxed the League into a difficult corner. That said, it also appeared like funds have grown lean – rumors and to be honest, that’s not he direction this blog is looking to go today. The Giwa-Dalung catastrophe dragged too long for comfort and the two men were willing to sacrifice our football for their selfish gains.

So the league is ended. Lobi Stars become Nigeria’s CAF Champions League representatives. Are they Champions? The LMC statement doesn’t specifically state that. But generations unborn who unaware of this unique development will write Lobi Stars as the NPFL 2017/2018 season. Underserved? Yes, because only a weekend of fixtures and they’ll most likely get in second place. But its ok.

So the League is expected to resume in November. And this is where the next set of troubles start. There’s probably gonna be a break for the Christmas holidays. How long do we play before that break comes on? 4 weeks? 6 match-days? Take note of that, because it gets even more interesting from there.

In February, there will be the general elections all over the country. Already, we know how fragile the political landscape currently is. And like we saw in the last one, surely the League is going to be on another break too. How long? It’s difficult to tell. Hopefully it will be a peaceful elections and we can return to the business of the League.

My point is, we live in a unique country. Our football doesn’t run totally independent of the society. I mean, the governors hoping to get re-elected are the same ones paying salaries of our players in every club in the League. Will the monies keep rolling in while these governors seek re-election? I can’t say. But this is another reason why we cannot afford to let the governments continue bankrolling our football.

In more advanced climes, the Premier League/LaLiga/MLS all run irrespective of what’s happening politically. Are we incapable of that? I don’t think we are. We can run our football in a way that whatever happens in the government doesn’t affect us this much. Yes, in certain extreme cases, it’s difficult to separate the two but as it is right now, both are so intertwined you can’t help it.

This is neither the fault of the LMC nor the NFF. We just have to revolutionize our football otherwise these issues will keep reoccurring. Our administrators, club owners have to start thinking along these lines – especially if they really wish to make a difference in our football.

Pray for Nigerian football but more importantly, start readying to make a difference the way you can.

Back tomorrow.



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