Offside: CARA for the taking. Enyimba v Cara Brazzaville

We finally reopen our “new” stadium with a visit from CARA Brazzaville, a team we have a thousand and more reasons to decimate here in Aba. Is it a coincidence that a chance for revenge has opened up with this match, considering the current situation? Our first competitive match at home in 28 long months?

CARA Brazzaville are a decent side but have failed to pick up a single point on the road and we don’t have a point promo running.

Here’s what their coach said about that, “We are here to play football. We are also coming with a lot of experience. We are a young side who love to play on the ground and we will start by constructing good football and then see whether they can get a result.

“It(not picking a point on the road) hasn’t brought our morale down. It doesn’t mean that we have to stop trying.”

As one of the two teams known for free flowing football in group C, the other being Williamsville, CARA Brazzaville are a delight to watch but find it difficult to break down very organized defences.

With a good mixture of youth and experience, our visitors have found rhythm and utilize it to their favour and with a point away from qualification, they are likely to employ a system that has been in all of their away games in this competition, sitting back and capitalize on lapses.

Our own Coach Abd’allah and captain Mfon Udoh all talked about putting in a decent performance and their gratitude to be back home to play in front of the Aba fans and how the team’s return to Aba has buoyed the team rather than put them on the edge.

The last time the two teams met, we lost to a “crazy seven minutes” of football and that won’t be expected unless we will be returning the favour.

Let us come out in our numbers and cheer our team to victory. Kickoff is 5pm and the gate fee is 500 NGN and 1000 NGN for popular and VIP stands respectively.

It’s time to “scarra” CARA!



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