Finally, home! Enyimba stadium get approval for CARA game

Good morning Guys,

It was a carnival yesterday at the Emirates Enyimba Stadium as our shrine got reopened after nearly three years. There were scores and scores of people all over the place and if you ever needed proof that our fans missed us, that’s your answer right there.

The one thing about the end of a matter is the fact that when the plans all come together, all the pains and travails of the past get forgotten. Now no one thinks of the years we spent in Calabar and Port Harcourt and Umuahia. Our club management does deserve some accolades; for keeping the club afloat regardless.

There is little to say about the game itself. In truth it was every inch a novelty game. It ended 1-0 to the ExEnyimba stars although there were three penalty kicks in the game. The ExEagles had two spot-kicks which they couldn’t even convert. But that’s the novelty thing about the game – little to take note of about it.

So we are back home and to add some more good news into the mix, few hours ago, news filtered in that CAF has approved our stadium for the CARA Brazzaville game this midweek. We know inspectors were at the stadium sometime last week to confirm that the pitch was ready to host the fixture, well, now the answer is Yes.

It is a boost on both fronts because with such a high profile game where we need a win to go through, we could use the maximum support from our fans. Should this have been in Uyo or Calabar, we would have been in danger of playing such game without the backdrop of our incomparable fans. Wednesday guys, let’s repeat this carnival.

All eyes are now firmly on Coach Abdallah and the lads. Hopefully we will have more on that in the coming days.

But we are home, the stadium is officially opened and we are playing our most important game of the season there this midweek. It’s a happy Monday – enjoy it everywhere and everyone.

Back tomorrow



One thought on “Finally, home! Enyimba stadium get approval for CARA game

  1. Our fortress is back.
    Let’s Deal with CARA on Wednesday.

    Special kudos to Ex-Enyimbas and Ex-Eagles for opening our stadium in style.

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