Of League resumption and cleaning up house

Saturday morning blogs are generally quite fancy for me. I envision Saturdays to be the long morning where there’s no hurrying to work, so most of my audience are lying lazily in bed with so much time and with eyes glued to their cellphones seeking juicy stuff.

Well, I do have bits and pieces of information for us to chew on the League resumption. Going by recent whispers, the league is expected to resume next weekend. September the 2nd. It’s good news, no doubt but there is no denying that we now have problems we have no solutions to.

This new schedule says we have less than two months to play 14 League games. Also factor in the FA Cup which in itself it’s akin to League games. It is crazy scheduling. And very worrying is how the players themselves would cope – on the road every three days; talk more of the inevitable on-pitch injuries.

But then what do we do? Solomon Dalung and Chris Giwa that created this mess are moving on with their lives, seeking another opportunity to dig in their fangs and cause some more trouble. Today is not the day to hurl insults at them, so I’ll walk pass. But I’ll say this, it doesn’t matter who you claim you are, your actions have our Football in a mess and you should be very ashamed of yourself.

That said, it’s very wrong asking for the league to end right away. I have nothing against Lobi Stars but 14 games is a long time in football. And in the current League of ours, a team in relegation places can with 14 games make a comeback and win the League. Mind you, you’re also going to add the same conditions to the teams at the foot of the table. Relegate 4 teams with 14 games to play. That’s unfair.

My suggestion is simple and although I’m not sure it will be adopted, I’ll let it out. We should run the League as though there are no CAF deadlines. Play the League at the pace initially scheduled and intertwine with the Aiteo Cup games. Get a real winner of the League and the Federations Cup. Picking a winner after 14 days messes up the concept of a “league”.

My suggestion ignores the CAF deadlines meaning we are in danger of not playing in the Continent next season. Yes it does. Already our slot in the Continent has been halved. We have just one team in either competition and judging from previous expeditions, we are hardly contenders to win any of CAF’s club competitions.

Which Nigerian club except Enyimba has excelled in the Continent in the recent past? None! Nigerian teams will not be missed. You can be sure of that. Let us take this time to harmonize our calendar and take the time to put our house in order. These Club licensing conferences we go for all the time, isn’t it time we educated our administrators?

Our League has a long way to go to arrive at Professional. I hope we arrive there sometime before Christ returns.

That’s all I have for you today.

Back tomorrow



4 thoughts on “Of League resumption and cleaning up house

  1. They should just give the league already to Lobi Stars and we know that FC Ifeanyi Ubah, Sunshine Stars, Yobe Desert Stars and Heartland have been relegated. We can then have peace and go back to bed.

    Forfeiting the Caf club competitions would be a good idea but when there are financial incentives attached to it, it’s too good to turn down even when we’ll end up playing nonsense. Says so much about the greed that is at the heart of how clubs operate.


  2. We cannot have our cake and eat it.
    Ending the league as it is now is a no no and propagated by same people that will make reference to it in the future.
    We have two options: play tight schedule and meet the deadline or play “loose” schedule and miss the deadline and next season continental competition. I don’t mind anyone. Consequences will have to be borne.

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  3. I have seen on CAF website where a team has meant to play a winner in in unfinished league.

    My point: Continue with the league till that October/November, I think CAF will still consider us.

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