Enyimba new striker, Sunday Adetunji winning our hearts already…

Good morning All,

Today is Friday and normally should have been our #ThatEnyimbaFanGiveaway. But for today, we’d take a rain check and get it to return by next week. There are a couple of twitches we are considering – hopefully we will get it all sorted out by next week.

There’s been rumors of League resumption by next weekend and also of a crazy hectic schedule for the players as we make a race against time to meet the CAF deadlines. It leaves me wondering, why Dalung and his friend Giwa set these barricades all these months especially seeing they didn’t achieve their objectives. More on that.

New signing Adetunji, like a newly-bought Sunday shoes, is the shinny new thing at the club (ok, there’s the stadium too). Football fans love new signings and when this new signing produces a match winning performance on his debut, he instantly becomes a fan favorite. Safe to say, Sunday Adetunji is a new darling at Enyimba.

I did come onto this piece where he made certain revelation some of which I find interesting.

Playing for a club like Enyimba means a lot to me because they are a very big club in the country and Africa.

Also, expectations here are very high and that will improve me as a player. The level of competition is always high at a top club so it is good for my career,”

My debut is something I have been working hard for. You know that being my first match, all eyes will be on me from every angle to deliver and I thank God that made it possible for me.”

How many times do you hear a new signing at a club talk about improving as a player? Surely not in these climes. Most of them talk about what they can do and what they will bring to the team but rarely do you hear them talk about how the club can help them become better footballers.

Judging from his performance in that away day in Djoliba, one feature stood out clearly – his hunger to make things happen. At that stage of the game, with a point almost in the bag, the foremost thoughts would probably have been to take the ball to the corner flag, but not Adetunji, he drove into the area, seeking a goal and he was rewarded.

I know we are in danger of reading too much into a player’s debut performance but the last time I felt this genuinely excited about a signing had to be Ezekiel Bassey’s acquisition from Akwa United. Let’s hope Adetunji’s is even a better union in comparison with Bassey’s.

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5 thoughts on “Enyimba new striker, Sunday Adetunji winning our hearts already…

  1. well, for me I saw the hunger to excel in our our last match but I wasn’t impressed with his performance even though he worked the goal that gave us victory. well I am cutting him some slacks, there are still more matches to play and access him well…

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  2. If Adetunji’s long term injury is behind him, I think he’ll deliver and become one of Enyimba’s priced assets. Couldn’t imagine that Shooting Stars let him go. Maybe they’d still be in the NPFL if they had him.

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