Job done vs Djoliba but the work is far from done

Good morning People,

So I’m on a 16-hour bus ride back to school. It’s a strange trip because for the first time in a long long time, my tummy is acting up. Thankfully we had a stop someplace and I went to “relieve” myself – then I advised myself that nothing else, solid or liquid enters my mouth for the remainder of the trip. Pray for me, please. Bless you.

So while still basking in the joy from Sunday’s good outing in Mali, I’ll direct you to my friend’s match report here. Please give it a read – you’d be glad you did. Many things have been said of the guys who went missing from the team-sheet. Well, we wait, although I’ve heard whispers of some European trials for some players.

Today’s thought is on athletes who smoke. I heard some disturbing stuff about some players – NPFL players, some of ours who smoke. It did sound pretty too shocking to believe and to be honest, I refuse to admit that it is true. Maybe till like Thomas I see it with my optical eyes.

To be honest, I’m unable to grasp why people smoke. It’s unhealthy and it damages your vitals. Some say it helps you clear your head; but how about the damage it does to your vitals? There are some organs inside your body whose functionality can determine your longevity. And for you whose short career is dependent on your body, are you being yourself’s best friend by smoking your life away?

I know sometimes we have been “accused” on the blog of taking the morality High stand and someone even argued that we don’t have such right – but if no one taught you right from wrong, are you really willing to take that risk and mess up your life because of ignorance? A footballer has few friends; marijuana and tobacco surely aren’t one of them.

Back to the CAF Confederations Cup, it does indeed appear that our last game against CARA has to be an outright win for us to go through. They top the table and while a point could be enough for them, it won’t be for us. We have to win and with the full backing of the Enyimba support, we have to make sure we do, else we will not qualify for the next round.

How ironic will that be? Going to Mali and getting the three points only to shoot ourselves in the foot and fail to do the necessary. This is no time to call a party – It doesn’t look like we can win the CAF Confederations Cup but we can make it out of this Group and that we must and hope for the best in the fixtures ahead.

We can do that, can’t we?

Happy Birthday Mr Chinatu Jon. Thank you for being invaluable to us here, have a beautiful year.

Back tomorrow



5 thoughts on “Job done vs Djoliba but the work is far from done

  1. If should not be surprising that players smoke if they can be eating by roadside bukas and kiosks. The fact they have a crucial Confed Cup game won’t stop them from smoking. They need all the ‘jinga’ they can get after all. 😄😄😄

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  2. Smokers are riable to die young.
    A smoker will tell that his Grand Father is still kicking fine. Lolz

    Let me go and relieve myself too. I ate okpa in Aba after some years.

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