Enyimba new gaffer: “Our pitch is not for opponents”

Good morning Guys,

I spoke all through yesterday, so today on the blog I’m going mum. And I’ll hand the microphone to Enyimba gaffer, Usman Abdallah. He will speak on the pitch, his love for the governor and his new task for his players.

“Yea, It’s an excellent pitch. Very very good work from the contractor and I think a lot lot of thanks to the Governor of the State because seriously, he has done a wonderful job for this team. Because giving a team like Enyimba the darling of Aba and the Governor also coming back to give this darling a stadium like that, seriously words will not be enough to thank him.

“And I wish him well, and we are thanking him for the support he has given us. He came down and watched our last training, that is fantastic. Because in Kano, I haven’t seen a Governor coming to the stadium to watch but this Governor is a footballer. You know, I love the way he talks, I love the way he jokes. He really understands…

“His coming down (to watch us) has done a great great job for us. It will make us forget all the hassles that we have been through and he has promised to help us which I believe he will because we have seen it. So, I wish him all the best and we are going to tell him that we are not gonna fail him, we will still make him proud, and we will pay him back for the wonderful job he has done by the grace of God. So, it’s a good pitch.

“Secondly, to the players of Enyimba, we have to understand that having a good pitch for us, we have to take advantage of this pitch, we have to master this pitch. We have to make this pitch become like a lion’s den. That anybody that comes here have to shiver in this field, this is what we are trying to make this pitch become, its ours. Playing here point has to become our right, it has to become our birthright. That’s what it’s supposed to be.

“If not, then this pitch, people will come here and enjoy the pitch and play good football. No, it’s not meant for opponents, its meant for Enyimba, so we have to master this pitch and then take over control on this pitch and by this grace of God this will be achieved. We just need some small patience…

I like him – our gaffer. I like him very much but that doesn’t ignore the fact that he has got big big shoes to fill. Not Aigbogun’s shoes but those of every Enyimba fan who is passionate about on pitch successes too. But like he has asked, we need to be patient.

Thats all for right now; “Corner-kick” will be posted in a few hours. Have a good one guys. And lest we forget, Thank you Samuel Okoro (@D_enigma007) for the Usman Abdallah interview.



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