No, not just the pitch, there’s a lot more good stuff for the Enyimba stadium

Good morning All,

We’ve dwelt a lot on our new stadium for the past couple of weeks and although this project does indeed deserves substantial level of attention, the underlying point is that, it is about all that’s going on at this time. So for yet another day, we will give it another hit.

Someone asked on social media; what becomes of the surroundings of the stadium? It is a well known fact that the Enyimba stadium is literally a jewel in the mire. The stadium is right in the heart of the Aba New Market. Inside the walls of the stadium, there is a malaria pool where mosquitoes are cultivated.

Well, if you were concerned like I am, it appears there are equally plans to raise the standard of the Enyimba facility. To extend the work beyond the stadium pitch and give the stadium a real facelift. The contractor, Mr Egbe, aka Monimichelle gave some insight into what the governor is doing on the Enyimba facility.

Let’s put the past behind us and be progressives, I might be the contractor but am also an Enyimba fan, A team as big as Enyimba deserves the best of infrastructure. Given the limited resources available to Abia state and the top class facilities the Governor is bent on installing at the Enyimba Stadium, I think the Governor should be encouraged.

“Today as am commenting on this platform, Dr Ikpeazu has fully paid for the latest technology money can buy in the stadium flood light world, the lights are set to be airfreighted right now to Nigeria, All hands are on deck to get the Enyimba Stadium ready for the CARA GAME on the 28th of August.

“The Enyimba Stadium project is in 3 phases, the first phase is the pitch, public toilets, lockers etc to bring Enyimba back home. Second phase is the Enyimba Stadium surroundings and upgrading the VIP area to accommodate private box’s and hospitality areas to meet 21st century standards.

“And the third phase is construction of outdoor FIBA approved Basketball court, FIVB approved Volley ball court, Handball court and revamping of the sports hall and gym. Dr Ikpeazu has a first class knowledge on how to manage contractors.

I’m not sure about you but this does indeed fill my heart with gladness. So the drainage already fixed, we have better and improved locker rooms, in addition to convenience for the fans too. These gestures are ideal and it does in no small measure cover up what had shamed us in the past.

Although you wanna also ask how these things will be maintained because the work going on there is only as good as the plan for maintenance and if the people in the Sports ministry/club hierarchy can take advantage of this to the fullest. And despite how long it has taken, let’s give honor where it is due, Dr. Ikpeazu has been immense. Thank you Sir.

Well guys, that’s it for today.

Let’s give it another hit tomorrow.



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