“Oruwo, Chineke, Oruwo”, Enyimba Legend recounts what he missed the most of the Aba stadium

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ThatEnyimbaFan sat down with Enyimba Legend, Mfon Udoh, as the team had It’s first training on the new Aba Pitch Friday morning. Mfon Udoh is one of the six players still at the club since the club last played on the Aba surface. There had been stints in Umuahia, Port Harcourt and Calabar but the Elephant is back home.

Transcripts below –

How much have you Mfon Udoh, missed this town and this stadium?

Honestly, I’ve really missed the town because we have one of the best fans in the country. Amazing fans, very supportive. Even though sometimes they lose their cool, but they are always very supportive. Playing in-front of them brings a different level of inspiration.

I can remember at times when we are down during the game, like maybe we are drawing, there is a particular song the fans like singing: The song is like a plea to God, God please, help us in this game. “Oruwo Chineke oruwo” Like God it’s time, please show us your mercy.

And when they start singing that song, we that are inside the field are like, “Oh God, how can we rescue these fans?” And they are there crying, singing and before you know it, the inspiration just starts coming and before long, something is done, a goal is scored or something happens and we win the game and everyone goes home happy. We haven’t had anything like that these three years and we have missed that.

Every time they call us, “when are you guys coming back home”? We are trying very much, we are pushing the Governor to make sure the stadium is finished. It’s just like the Continental game we have coming up, we know the crowd is going to be massive and the fans will come in their numbers.

How much of a boost will returning to Aba be for the club’s targets this season?

Well the club’s target is actually going for a double, if not a treble. Because we are going to win the Federations Cup in Nigeria, win the League and then the CAF Confederations Cup in Africa.

I know it sounds impossible but impossibility is nothing. All these feats can be achieved if the right attitude is being put in place.

How much has the Chairman, Chief Felix Anyansi-Agwu helped in stabilizing this team despite not playing at home these three years?

The Chairman deserves so much kudos for the stability he has brought to the team. Even though we have been away from home for about three seasons right now but playing for Chief Anyansi makes it feel like we are still at home.

Because of the way he approaches the games. He makes us believe we are still at home. He calms down the pressure, he has tried to stabilize this team these three years. Sometimes teams play away from home and they can get relegated. The Chairman deserves to be applauded for the great work he has done in the club.

What is the quality of the new team we now have, seeing a lot of the players these fans are used to have left?

Well, you know players come and go, the Nigerian system lacks consistency in their team squad. But I wouldn’t say right now we have the best of players or the least of players but I think that the team is stable. From our results in our past games, in the past games we have played, I think we have a good squad. But I believe that if the team is retained for a longer period, we have the potential to be a very great team.

Djoliba away in Mali next week; the team needs a result to go through. What is the mentality going into that game?

Like one of my coaches would say, “Go and commit suicide and come out alive”. I think that’s what we are going for. It’s going to be Operation no mercy. We need to get if not maximum three points, at least a point in that game to make sure to remain in the race to make it out of the Group.

That should be enough for today. Congratulations to Ejim Tony who won this week’s edition of our ThatEnyimbaFan Giveaway. We are under some pressure to make it a weekly thing, hopefully our sponsor agrees too. But I’ll let you know as things develop.

That’s your lot for today.

Back tomorrow.



One thought on ““Oruwo, Chineke, Oruwo”, Enyimba Legend recounts what he missed the most of the Aba stadium

  1. Well said Legend Udoh.
    The better day’s are back.

    I feel proud for winning the quiz yesterday. Jah bless.
    Thank you for so much boss.


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