A very special day for the Enyimba faithful

Good morning All,

Today is a special Friday. So how about a very short blog? Well, today is special because, for the first time in over three years, our lads will train on our own pitch. Depending on when you my dear reader eventually reads your ThatEnyimbaFan dose, the training could either be all done, still ongoing or yet finished.

But the training had taken place and in our stomping ground. A lot of the players would be playing on the surface as Enyimba players for the first time ever. The likes of Joseph Osadiaye and Nelson Ogbonnaya and Dare Ojo have never played at the Aba stadium in Enyimba colors.

There are conflicting stories as to whether the training session is open to fans or exclusively for the players. But whatever be the case, tomorrow’s blog will be something quite special off today’s training. Don’t ask what, just be here tomorrow.

The other special thing happening today is ThatEnyimbaFan is giving away another 5K today. The primary reason for this is so you don’t say I never rewarded you for visiting the blog daily. Naaaa that’s untrue. We found a sponsor who just wants to encourage the ministry. What does he sell? I’ll tell you soon.

So this evening at 7pm y’all should join us on social networking site twitter as we find the one who will start his weekend with our 5K. For those of you who are part of these, (I sent out emails yesterday). Please there won’t be any late arrivals. For starters, ensure you are following us and that you have sent out the tweet we asked you to in yesterday’s first blog

That’s all I’m able to write today. I wish the finalists all the best and our players, a good time out on our new pitch. I’ll refer you to yesterday’s blog for the ground rules. Again, all the best.

Back tomorrow



2 thoughts on “A very special day for the Enyimba faithful

  1. Well I hope to see pics of the training and also maybe I would come tour the stadium on my own if there is something like that been allowed by the club


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