Congratulations to our winners: striking players

Good morning All,

I’m gonna try to keep this blog post today less than 300 words. Reason is, I have a big day ahead of me today and to be honest, I have this feeling that a lot of you prefer short and concise blogposts. So let’s see how much we can scribble into the little space we have today.

First and foremost, we have an impressive number of positive feedback from yesterday’s quiz. The question was too simple, wasn’t it? Well, guess someone had to still send in a wrong answer. Someone did say Amodu Shaibu. No jokes. Whether it was a joke, only the Lord and this fella know.

The correct answer is Stephen Keshi and for all who got the right answer, kindly confirm via your emails. Some got the answer but they didn’t get any emails because they chose to answer on the website. Go back and read the instruction. I even put it in all bold characters. Yet, some people failed to read instruction. So you see where you missed out on a chance to win our money?

For the winners, check your email and get ready for Friday.

In other news, it appears that Enyimba players are protesting non payment of their match bonuses and according to some report, they have refused to train. I’ve seen this script play out time and time again and guess what? This year, I’ll just walk past and not utter a word – not in defence of the players nor to the club management..

if you would have the boldness to strike when you have a make or break Continent fixture ahead of you, and this strike is not about salaries anymore but bonuses, then there’s no saving you. Same line to the club hierarchy. If this game means anything to you, then you know the priority right now should be getting the players ready.

Well, whatever.

I’ll be back tomorrow.



One thought on “Congratulations to our winners: striking players

  1. Two hundred and sixty seven words after the intro. Wow!

    A worker deserves whatever is due for him. I urge the management to settle these guys with their bonuses, so that we can solely hold the players responsible if Enyimba failed to make it out of their group.
    Djoliba is around the corner.


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