League resumption: Yes? No? Ok, No problem

Good morning Guys,

By the close of work yesterday, our emotions were on the descent of what has been a roller coaster ride with regards to the standstill that is Nigerian Football. Someone had tweeted that the League would resume next week, by the end of the day, no it was unlikely.

Just Incase you’re from Mars and you didn’t get the memo, there was an NFF Congress in Benin yesterday. It was a very full house. And at the end of which a communique was released. And of significance on this communique is that Giwa FC, the football club of “He that troubleth the NFF“, Ambassador Chris Giwa was being re-admitted into the NNL.

Well, the Sports minister responded soon afterwards, stating that the communique was null and void pending the court judgement which should be sometime toward the end of September. The significance of this being – The NFF elections thus might not hold as scheduled.

Secondly, with the FA Cup still yet to be played and League having about 14 games to go, we are in danger of missing out the deadline for CAF registration. Then of course there is the threat of a FIFA ban which would grind to a halt Nigeria’s involvement in International football activities. So the personal fight of two men has the whole country to ransom.

It’s not surprising that we are here. I think the real problem with us as a country is that the system is not strong enough. Some guy can just wake up and hold up the whole country and he would not be held accountable. Right from the Presidency to the Police, everyone is stronger than the system.

This is how the West is different. When the United States failed to qualify for the World Cup in Russia, guess what happened? The US Soccer President Sunil Gulati resigned. And although it was his Vice President that eventually won the subsequent elections, at least you could see someone step up and take responsibility.

Should we start planning for life without football for the next eight years? Maybe we should. Trouble is, our Sports ministry has not put in any efforts to grow other sports. Our athletes for instance basically take care of themselves. This is unlike in the West where for an athlete to represent his country, he is in for some good money. Wonder why we lose athletes to other countries?

Why am I engaging my energy so much on these issues? It’s simple. Someone reading my blog today could become a Sports administrator tomorrow. You could be appointed the chairman of a football club, the Sports minister or a head in some capacity in the future. Please, please, please, be different.

That’s all I got today,

Back tomorrow.



3 thoughts on “League resumption: Yes? No? Ok, No problem

  1. Everything about Nigeria is always on the bad side.
    It was in Nigeria that I heard about “bumpy tracks” in Athletics.

    You get the perfect picture of Nigeria’s nature when you google Nigeria 99 and Nigeria 2009, then compare it with other FIFA tournaments and see the clear differences.

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  2. Pls it two ways now all ready most clubs are in debt to their players an officials fir some months some at least 3 month an some 4 months an the rules say any club that did not pay is player fir 3month the player is free to go an now how the official thst hv not recieve 3month salary be pls if the is stop now the vkub management will loose an the coaches too will loose an lmc will face this bcos all club players an coaches sign a contract agreement for one year we should becsrefull amaju pinnick is vice president csf he can still talk to caf to allow nigeria finish their league


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