Happy New Month: We return home in 28 days…

Happy New Month folks,

it’s first of August and in 28 days we will be returning home! Cheerful news ain’t it? It is to me. But you always knew that, so maybe that’s where the cheerful news ends.

I miss when my blog was all happy. When I’ll get here and wax lyrical about Ezekiel Bassey or Christian Obiozor. When I’d praise Mfon Udoh and his goalscoring heroics, alas those times are a distant memory right now; and to be honest, I miss writing happy posts.

I saw a post yesterday and I’ll like to share –

It comes down to a very simple saying: There is a right way and a wrong way to do things. You can practice shooting eight hours a day, but if your technique is wrong, then all you become is very good at shooting the wrong way.

It’s Wednesday and the League resumption is not in sights yet. The World Cup has come and gone and yet our players sit at home. Nigeria has a club still playing in the Continent and league games would have been immensely beneficial but no way, we still sit at home. Reasons for this of course is clearly tied to Mr. Giwa and his NFF Leadership dreams.

The situation with Giwa has masked the other problems we are used to as regards the League. We still have our very evil officiating, we still have the occasional fan trouble that come up once in a while and of course the state of our facilities. I’m looking at our sports administrators and honestly, they have become good at managing the wrong way.

Here’s my example.

Yesterday, there was a storm on social media regarding the athletics meet in Asaba. Complaints of poor organization and planning. Athletes from other countries stranded in Lagos and such logistic problems. And this is an African Athletics meet. I tell you what, we have ruined our chances of hosting this event again in the foreseeable future.

It’s just like the forthcoming Presidential elections. Whoever says our choice has to be either PDP or APC? Haven’t we learnt? Haven’t we learnt that a person’s party does not substitute for competence? We have a sports minister who takes every chance to drop a gaffe. And this is someone who took about 6 months to appoint.

From the very depths of my soul, I cry for change. I cry for a revolution. I cry for the right people being at the right places.

In 28 days we will return to our stomping ground; our beloved Enyimba stadium.

It’s been a strange post today, maybe I’ve got too many thoughts all at once. Pardon me, maybe tomorrow’s will be better.



2 thoughts on “Happy New Month: We return home in 28 days…

  1. On returning to the stadium, till a ball is placed center of the pitch and kicked about by two teams would I believe we are back. cos ever since it’s been date Upon dates been issued out. I tire for our matter…


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