Three things: Williamsville 2-0 Enyimba

Good morning fam,

It’s more of a prophecy – the greeting above, because it does feel anything but a goodly morning. Our CAF Confederations Cup campaign took a tumble as we fell 2-0 to a very organized and well tutored Ivorian side yesterday. All hopes that this is where we would find our “missing” away joy was all puffs as a goal in each half sealed our fate.

Here are my three things.

1. We were NOT the better of the two sides: That’s pretty obvious isn’t it? Well, someone did point out that we just didn’t take our chances and we played better than they. That’s very untrue. Someone counted 16 shots from us and only one was on target.

We didn’t look like scoring all game, whereas for the hosts, they just let us have the ball for long periods and when they felt tired, they just went down the other end and scored. They had chances to make this a cricket score line – they were just in a merciful mood. They clearly were more purposeful and clinical.

2. Are our players worth as much as they are paid? After the game I tweeted; “A lot of these NPFL players are not worth half of what they’re being paid”. I stand by that. Look at what we pay in salaries and measure the corresponding output and you realize we are almost being scammed. How would any professional footballer head out of that pitch yesterday and be satisfied with his contribution?

We have players on almost a million Naira every month yet there’s no ounce of quality that distinguishes them. We can’t pass the football well, we can’t find the target, we can’t make purposeful tackles nor can we defend. On the basis of yesterday’s show, you can find 11 players from Etche Road field who will perform better.

3. Strange Group; we need a miracle to go through. Everyone wishes we make it out of this Group, yours truly too but are we honestly good enough for the next round? I don’t think so. We have trained ourselves to be fairly ok at home and totally useless away. This is why despite teams of similar mentality being in this Group, we can’t prove to be any different.

In fact, the only difference is that for a team we beat 1-0, they’re beating us 2-0 at their place. By yesterday morning, we were in first place, today we are in third and with two match days to go, we have genuine reasons to be worried.

Coach Usman does have his hands full with what needs to be done. Maybe a better playing surface will help give us a definite playing pattern but truth is we do have a lot of work to do to save our season.

Back tomorrow



3 thoughts on “Three things: Williamsville 2-0 Enyimba

  1. While a friend and I were watching the game yesterday on TV; My friend told me that Enyimba will not get away with a draw because according to him, the Ivorian team was more organized with bunch more hungry young players. And his forecast came to pass.

    To me, we are not yet ready to conquer Africa again.

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  2. A loving Greeting to you all. I want to start by saying wipe your tears and let’s move ahead for the journey is far.

    There is a book titled *”The gods are not to be blamed”* .
    Of a truth who is to be blamed when everyone is wrong.
    Yes,everybody is wrong. But it’s well even in the well that our expectations were cut short yesterday after the game against williamsvilla FC of Ivory Coast but it’s gone and gone forever and I expect criticism from fans WHICH will be productive and positive to the stores of what is the solution to the problem at hand. Its only when We think towards this that we will see a picture of what we want.

    Mind you, a problem identified is a problem solved. Now the question becomes what’s the problem. Quite your ears to hear this *There is a spiritual spell on the strikers 4over 3months now&this has made it difficult for them to score in a match* situation except _IBRAHIM M_ & only serious prayers can put a stop to it. Other gods may fail but I know GOD can’t fail.

    There is a stage a prostitute gets to, she hide nothing else. In other words I would like to let you know that *_the problem facing the club is not outside but inside_*.
    Before I forget, Enyimba has bunch of strikers who can deliver& are attested to be the best players in the league but wait, what has been the spiritual problem behind none of them not scoring aside 1person. I guess that should open your eyes a little why we needed to get a loan help from Sunday Adentunji from Abia warriors. Now, look deep into this &ask ur self Why is our creative central midfielder always getting injury&you think is normal?

    Also put yourself in the elephants shoes when they players are not financially happy over non pay of 2months&over 20match bonuses.

    In fact I think am done and dusted with my light enlightenment on what’s going on.

    Cc: *MOG*


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