Taking sides, NFF crisis and a botched transfer

Good morning!

Some interesting quotes to get us all started.

“The good thing with Nigerian football is, Giwa has come to stay and nothing can stop it. Giwa has master minded the few age grade games with ease and perfect calm. To make things better, he even went a step further by being a game to Lagos. Victory is won already for Giwa.

I am a supporter of the good of Nigerian football. Right now what would move our Football forward is to let Giwa run the show. The good thing is he’ll get plenty of Govt support and he has started well already. Nigerian Football would be the winner, not individuals”.

I can imagine disbelief in your hearts as you read every word of the quotes above. I felt the exact same way. I’ll spare my “honorable colleague” who wrote those quotes the backlash but those quotes above are absolute rubbish. It’s sickening to think that anyone would offer support to a man who has done his best in grinding our already snail-paced Football to a halt.

I have no problems with Ambassador Chris Giwa but so far all we have learnt of him is hardly inspiring. We saw how his team was shamefully thrown out of the League a few seasons ago. What kind of club did he run while in the time being, you may wanna ask the Henlongs, Anaemena’s and Ochemes that played for him.

He claims he is the NFF President. But we all know there was never any congress or election to instal him as President. He has been to every other court and he has seen his case thrown out. I’m not an Amaju Pinnick supporter but at least there was an election – even though Shehu Dikko was not allowed to have a shot at the office when he clearly wanted to.

These guys are politicians so I’m not going to dabble into who is better than who but isn’t there an NFF Election in the horizon? Where the FA Chairmen and secretaries can determine what lies ahead for Nigerian football. And it is only sane that anyone who wishes to become NFF President, goes there and wins an election.

A lot of our football administrators in Nigeria are fraud. They divert funds and refuse to pay salaries and all that. Everyone is blaming the governors and politicians but truth is, a good number of our Football administrators are pretty much doing the same thing. At every level they are sabotaging our game and we can’t seem to make any progress.

A letter emerged yesterday that the Presidency had asked Ambassador Giwa and his backbone- the Sports Minister to give way to Amaju Pinnick and his guys to continue running the show. You also wanna know how and why the Sports Minister chose to get himself involved in this fight and choosing a side that has now lost yet again.

Well, the Sports minister responded by close of Monday stating that Mr President should not interfere in the court order. This is the caliber of humans we have as leaders. Hopefully the end of this madness is in sight. Hopefully.

Finally for today and from an Enyimba Point of view, we announced a few days ago that Enyimba has signed former Nasarawa United captain Esosa Igbinoba. Well, we spoke too soon. That transfer has as it stands, failed to materialize and he has left the team. But in his place, there is Abia Warriors striker, Sunday Adetunji who is currently in training with the team.

Thats all for today.

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