Enyimba sign Esosa Igbinoba and other transfer activity

Good morning Guys!

Twas quite interesting, the feedback we got on on the site yesterday. Good numbers – please, keep them coming. Every visit here is very well appreciated, and I’ll ensure your daily visits are fruitful! Again, thank you for always coming and please bring your friends along.

Very quickly we’d talk a little about the new guys in the team right now. This is by no means a comprehensive list of all but I’ll share the little I’ve got. Of course our official handles aren’t at liberty to tell us the names of our players – so please make do with the ones I’ve got for you here right now. Ok, that’s that for the introductory crap.

I’ll start from the known to the unknown. Our (ThatEnyimbaFan) friend Franco Koffi has indeed left the club. He was one we hoped would be immense in midfield for us, albeit it didn’t work out. So he leaves with his cute Brazilian name and having not contributed anything of note to our cause this season. Fare thee well Franco.

On the intakes, we have a name that would surprise many – Esosa Igbinoba. The former Nasarawa United/Rivers United player is now an Enyimba player. He arrived a couple of weeks ago and will don the number 28 for us. He plays in Central midfield and a couple of seasons ago, he was the highest scoring midfielder in the League. I think he was pretty much average when he played for Rivers United, perhaps that is more as a result of the surrounding there than his ability.

After Esosa is a certain Jean Marie Guera. Guera is a signing I’m genuinely excited about as he is actually pretty decent. He is an attacking midfielder and can play in the heart of midfield. Remember when we played Energies FC in the Continent? Well, he was their captain and that two legged triumph did profit us as he switched soon afterwards when we came knocking. He takes up the number 30 jersey Franco vacated.

You can be rest assured there will be further transfer activity by the time the League resumes – whenever the League resumes. The League resumption is in itself another kettle of beans, with the current crisis Nigeria’s football body, the NFF is embroiled in.

It is shocking that a country of this size and Football pedigree can have its football being tossed back and forth by a man currently on a CAF as well as FIFA ban. I mean this fellow has been at the Court of Arbitration of Sports and his case was thrown out. Yet this fellow keeps holding us to ransom. It’s a real shame.

Maybe someday, we will grow our systems to become stronger than any human. Maybe someday we would get to the point where we can hold our administrators accountable to the rule of the law.

Finally, you must have heard of the new thing in town- The Higher Institutions Football League. Check @HiFLNigeria. It means exactly what it sounds; and should these guys stay sane and run this well, maybe we will have something that will get our League organizers wake up and smell the coffee – Football fans have something else to engage them. Put this on TV and I’ll be watching every game!

Back tomorrow,



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