Well, Enyimba does have a new head coach

Good morning Guys,

So let’s talk a little about our new gaffer. It’s no longer news that our dearly beloved Paul Aigbogun has left his post at the club. Unceremoniously as his second coming, the club towed a path that totally made a mess of the initial decision to hire him.

Make no mistakes about it, I do love Mr. Paul Aigbogun. I think he’s a smart man and probably the most educated of the coaches in the league. As a human too, he appears a very nice person and in the early days of his second missionary journey here, there were some obvious changes especially in how he related with the media.

Someone suggested that he used Enyimba to get the Under-20 job (He’s currently the National under-20 Coach) and while that is subject to debate, the big questions are around his appointments – both the first and the second. The first is logical, his Warri Wolves side having pushed us to the penultimate game of the season. They also did play some very good football and he was the logical choice to replace Ikhana.

But that appointment didn’t work out as planned. Enyimba was playing their first (of three) seasons away from Aba and the journeying about plus a CAF Champions League Group stage run took some toil on the team. It all went badly and the club ended the season trophy-less for the first time in a long long time. We finished without any kind of Continental football promise the next season with a worst finish in ten years. He was shown the door.

Gbenga Ogunbote came in and with the team based in Calabar, he did his best to steady the ship. He didn’t play a very attractive brand of football but he got some decent results and ensured the club finished in the third and final Continental place. The shock was that the club had no plans to retain him and eventually didn’t renew his contract. Their replacement? Paul Aigbogun, again. Expectedly, there was some reaction, most of it negative because the previous season’s performance.

Shockingly, he got off to a flier and notched up some decent results. Then the under 20 job came and that was it. There were whispers of some sort of ruckus with the powers that be. So maybe he was fired or he just resigned or there was some mutual termination, somehow the infamous reunion got cut short.

But the club didn’t think announcing the departure of their head coach was necessary. The fans don’t deserve to know – they don’t deserve to be told something as important as a change of the head coach. Funny but acts like this make fans actually wonder if they are truly connected with this club as they feel they should be. These sorts of acts go a long in affirming that the top guns at the club lack an understanding of the true value of this club. This, ladies and gentlemen is very sad!

Well guys, there’s a new man at the helm of things at the club. He is Usman Abd’allah. You must have seen him on the dugout two days ago when we played Williamsville. And he’s been around for a little bit – from the start of the season I hear. Hopefully we can get more details off him and some interview sometime.

My word count is up for today. Let’s talk again tomorrow.

Till then,



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