New Beginnings: Enyimba vs Williamsville

Good morning Guys,

With the small matter of the World Cup out of the way, some local Continental football resume back here at home. The third MatchDay of the CAF Competitions is upon us.

We welcome Group leaders, Williamsville of Ivory Coast as we seek some form of redemption following our 0-3 implosion last time out. I know, I know, it was that bad an experience that no one wants to even remember it but it was as bad a performance as we have conjured up in the recent past.

To be honest, there’s a lot going on with our club at this time and hopefully we would take them along in the days ahead. It’s just that I feel it was improper, continually blogging with so much pain and tragedy going on around in our country. That was a reason I stopped!

But today we have a big game that will decide our destiny in the Group. The Calabar stadium that hosted our last home game in the Continent was deemed unfit for action by CAF while our brand new Aba Stadium (more of that in days ahead), is unready. I believe you’re up to date with latest pictures.

Today’s mission is as clear and simple as it gets – only a win will do. The mystery surrounding our gaffer Paul Aigbogun should form basis of talk in days ahead but it will be interesting to see how the man in the reins right now sets up his team and subsequently executes the mission. He’s not an unfamiliar voice with the players – having been around with Aigbogun 2.0 era.

The choice of the frontmen will be quite interesting. There are whispers of fresh faces in the Enyimba camp- I doubt we would see any of them in action today but it would be interesting to see what we look like today and indeed going forward especially in attack.

The game is expected to be on Terrestrial TV – and if I find any online streams, I’ll share on my twitter handle.

Finally for today, you can see we have changed our blog URL. Yes we are now at – Let’s say maybe we are ready to push out more from here – hopefully. Meanwhile we should have live updates via twitter!

Enjoy the game wherever you watch from and Goodluck to the boys.

Back tomorrow,



4 thoughts on “New Beginnings: Enyimba vs Williamsville

  1. Glad to have you back… I have refreshed more than a hundred times… wondering what could have happened to our enyimba unofficial official blog.


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