Injury update on Left Back Ben Francis injured in Bidvests game 

Good morning everyone, 

Everyone of us have that one aunt who when she calls, you 1. Pick up the phone. 2. You listen to her wail and whine and shout and gossip and tell stories for as long as she deems ok while you keep saying “Yea”, “True” and “hmmm” intermittently. She keeps talking like there’s a word count she must exhaust and bro, you dare not interrupt. 

That little description above is necessary because I’m attempting to write this blog while listening to my good ol aunt. I was writing already before she called and knowing I’ll be heading to work in a few minutes, so I’ve got to multitask right now and hopefully I can keep my thoughts on the right track and not get distracted. 

Last weekend in South Africa, Left back, Benjamin Francis got injured and was rushed to the hospital in our 1-1 draw with Bidvest Wits. Initially we thought it was a “regular” injury till after the game when we heard that he was indeed rushed to the hospital and the club chairman had gone to know of his wellbeing. That was when it became more serious to us. 

Benjamin had a horribly bad cut to his ear in that game. It was bad, bad enough to be rushed to the hospital but I’m sure it wasn’t anything close to what the Apostle Peter did on Marcus when the soldiers came to arrest Jesus. The chairman did stay back while the rest of the team travelled back to Nigeria while he underwent some surgery. 

Well, the good news is, Benjamin Francis had a successful surgery and he is back in the country. The doctor did a pretty decent job on him and although I’m not sure how this surgery will influence his degree of “fineboyness”, word is he’s alright now. We were also worried that he was nearing that boundary of being termed “injury-prone” having been out injured a couple of week prior. That tag can wait cos this one was clearly accidental. 

The rest of the team is in Illorin as we ready to play Kwara United tomorrow in a rescheduled League game. We should also play our league fixture for the weekend but the Bidvest return fixture is for next week. 

Time to get my aunt off the phone for real now. 

Have a beautiful Tuesday everyone. 



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