Readying for Wits but asking the right questions

Good morning everyone, 

We are back home, readying for the reverse fixture of our duel with Bidvest Wits. I only more recently realized that they are called “The Clever Boys” because they’re the “wits”. One more word on that fixture, I think it was a professional performance and I do believe we will get better if we progress in the competition. 

I’ll like to clarify something in the blog about LMC’s Easter break decision. It did cause quite some stir and that’s understandably so. And for the first time I felt like I wrote a post that nobody understood. Perhaps it was in how I wrote what I wrote, let’s set the records straight. 

Our League is far away from professional. We are called Professional but we all know we are a work in progress. We aren’t anywhere near there – we have player legitimacy issues, we have salary issues, we have horrible infrastructure, we have awful referees, we aren’t anywhere near those leagues in Europe we are being compared to. 

We have players travelling thousands of kilometers to honour games whereas flying is the better option. We have players being owed salaries every other week. We have administrators who are doing anything but actually respect the game and grow our game. We all know this. So what exactly makes us professional? Hope. That we will get there. 

Raising the dust cos the LMC called for an Easter break is like the proverbial storm in a teacup. We have big big problems in the League that playing on Easter won’t fix. I don’t work for the LMC – I’m just a fan right now but I’m very concerned that we aren’t anywhere near where we should. Why aren’t we getting brands partner with our teams? Why aren’t clubs making money? Why aren’t we making money off player sales? 

I believe that a club like Enyimba can make massive profits every year. I believe we can have a world class facility like we see abroad and employ as many as 200 people both playing and other staff. These are the things we should get outraged about. These are the targets we can set for our teams. These are the things that count. 

I do think we will get to a point where we won’t make religiously influenced decisions for the League. That was my thinking as I typed those words in the blog.

Have a beautiful week everyone. 

Back tomorrow, 



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