Let’s break this winless MFM jinx. A match Preview 

Good morning Peoples of the Federal Republic of the 2018 Russia World Cup. 

That line above is the only Super Eagles/World Cup related line you’d find on this website today. Why? Three things. 1. I didn’t watch the game. 2. Yes it’s on YouTube but I don’t want to remind everyone of it. 3. There’s an Enyimba match preview that we wanna attempt to write. So let’s get started on that, shall we? 

MFM is the opponent in an NFPL rescheduled fixture. We both had Continental engagement on the original date of this fixture. So this becomes one of the three rearranged NFPL fixtures played today. After the game on Sunday, someone pointed out that we were now 12th on the log. Same person failed to see that we had two outstanding matches. So yea, this is one of them. 

Our MFM duels have been strange. Very strange indeed. Ever since they made an entrance into the League, neither us nor them have been able to get the better of each other. Two seasons ago, a draw they got against us in Port Harcourt saw them survive relegation. Oh well, it aided them especially combined with what happened against Heartland in Jos on the final day of the season. Earlier that season, we had hard fought and gotten a fluke draw in Lagos. 

In the season that followed, that was our Ogunbote era. Stephen Odey had given them a shock early lead in Calabar before Mustapha Ibrahim (85th minute) got us an equalizer. I do love Mustapha and I think he’s one of the best strikers at the club. I think he will be adored by the Aba faithful when we return home. And the fact that he is flexible enough to play with any other striker tells you he is one we must cotton-wrap for the future. 

So today, we would have to find a way to break this MFM jinx. We just have to. And one key way to get that done is to recognize their threat and give this game a truly professional performance. I don’t know where we are by way of personnel seeing we just but we should have enough well rested bodies to deliver this one. 

We can’t be warned enough of the threat MFM poses. They are in the Continent and that’s primarily because they earned the right to. Finishing second place is no joke. We finished second place severally and it costs a great deal of hardwork to achieve that. We are faced with a very good opponent today – we must treat them such and give our best for these three points. Three points means an ascent up the table. 

Finally and very strangely, I’ll love the club to start Friday Achimugwu in goal today. Can I tell you why in tomorrow’s blog? 

Till then, 



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