Beware of Vanguard Newspapers, they will steal your intellectual property 

Good morning Everyone! 

Let’s get started with the positive one. Defender Udoh Ikouwem currently with the National under 20 team in their tour of Egypt has been named the under-20 team captain. Pictures emerged yesterday as a certain Paul Aigbogun, the under-20 head coach anointed him his skipper. The pictures actually did appear funny – to me, Ikouwem did look unaware of what was even going on; bleak, “smileless” and looking just blank. 

It doesn’t take away the remarkable achievement of the past 2 years for this young man. I remember the first day I was introduced to him. An Enyimba official told me – “There’s this young man you need to meet. He’s a left back, an attacking fullback and he’s a very good player”. “Where is he?” I inquired. Then I was pointed in his direction of where he was standing. Spectacular? No he wasn’t. I shook hands with him and we exchanged numbers. 

Well, 16 months after I met him, he keeps raising his stock. Made the CHAN team despite having only shown up at the Super Six tournament for Enyimba. Was one of the biggest sparks at the tournament and has bulldozed himself into the Enyimba first team. Now not only has he found himself in the under-20 team, he is there now as the skipper. No doubt, he hasn’t “gone beyond Aba” but at least we can see the progress. Keep up the hardwork son. 

Next, I stumbled on a tweet yesterday and I’m obligated to write about it. So ACL Sports sponsored one of their own to Poland to interview with Alex Iwobi. The Arsenal man spoke expressly to the journo who in turn wrote it all out for the ACL website. Now Vanguard Newspapaers go on this website and pick this interview, word for word and put it on their website and on the paper circulating all over the country. No credits to ACL sports, no mention either, nothing like that. 

It’s a pathetic. And single person involved with this ought to hang their heads in shame. This is who we have become as a country, stealing the intellectual property of a person with zero credits to them and publishing it as yours. If you don’t know what you are, I’ll tell you. You are a thief. Quit complaining about our politicians because you’re all cut off the same cloak. Thieves. Zero shame. You are all part of the problem of Nigeria. 

I’m taking this personal because I’ve seen my articles on several websites and newspapers yet no one had the sense to acknowledge where they got this one from. One took an article I wrote about an Oriental Derby, added a different opening and closing paragraph, cut off mine and then populated it with incorrect information as well as stats. This is how they got the League reporting in a mess. Some of us got on the scene and weekly we’re producing rich, brilliant and well seasoned articles and now all they can do is to resort to stealing? You see who these folks really are? 

It’s only a matter of time, because right now your deeds are getting more in the open. Keep it up. Very soon you’ll lose whatever credibility you have left. 

Sorry this is how I’m starting out your day for you. I’m sorry. But rest assured, it still wouldn’t change the beautiful day you’d have today if you believe. Except of course, you’re part of these vanguard article thieves. 

Back tomorrow, 



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