3 things I feel are responsible for the buzz about the Super Eagles

Good morning Guys, 

In my four years of running this blog, I still am not sure how that some very weird blogposts get excessive views and the ones you think will be a hit don’t. I haven’t understood it. Yesterday’s blog for instance was the highest views for this week, and some that I had really high hopes for, failed to live up to the billing. Does anyone have Arseblog’s bogging manual? 

Today I’ll speak of the Super Eagles. Three things I think are responsible for the good buzz about this Super Eagles huddle. I do think that this is a very different and indeed special Super Eagles setup and I’m backing on them to have a decent tournament at the forth coming World Cup. Win the World Cup? Very unlikely but there’s very high optimism about his crop of players. They play Robert Lewandoski and Poland this evening but here are my thoughts. 
1. They are young, hungry for success and a legendary status: Some of us grew up in the USA 94 age. Nigeria had a fantastic group of talented players then who were just coming to the limelight. I think they’re a little like this current group. They are young – most of them in fairly decent clubs in Europe where a good number of them are good clogs. Ndidi, Moses, Ogu, Iwobi, Ekong, Iheanacho. These kids are young and hungry and a good number of them are putting in a yo man’s job at their respective clubs. 

2. The Oyibo Gaffer is back: We all loved Clemens Westerhof. Maybe not you but I did. Shortly after him was Bonfrere Joe who masterminded the Atlanta 96 success. We’ve tried our hands on a couple of others but more recently, we resorted to indigenous coaches. Stephen Keshi, Amodu Shaibu, Sunday Oliseh etc all had their shot at it until someone pointed out Gernot Rohr. Most of the German’s duels have been on African terrain but there is a good level of confidence Nigerians have of our Oyibo gaffer. 

3. Healthy looking team spirit: I can’t ever remember and forgive me if its just me and my shortsightedness but I don’t think of any generation of Super Eagles that occasionally had as much off-the-pitch fun videos as this crop. Well, there wasn’t any Twitter Or Instagram or Facebook by 1994 but even in Oliseh’s Eagles at the peak of social media, we had more stories of fights than fun filled inside scoop. Nowadays, we are seeing more than just inside scoop from camp but a bunch of players looking genuinely happy. A group of players who look like they’re proud to be representing Nigeria. 

This is my perspective and I hope it’s not just a buzz happening in my head. Enjoy the game tonight from wherever you’re watching from. 

Back tomorrow, 



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