Transfer window: the business we should do 

Good morning everyone, 

Just a couple of quick thoughts this morning. First of all, the LMC says the transfer window will be reopened in the next couple of days to allow clubs restock their playing personnel. For us at Enyimba, I don’t think we should be looking to add any fresh players, but there should be some players who should be heading toward the exit. 

I did write a while ago how that we look to have amassed way too many players than we realistically need. It’s such that with almost a third of the games played, we have players who haven’t even kicked a ball in an official game. Such players are the main subject of this post. And if I were one of them I’ll be considering it seriously. 

I know the prestigious feel of being an Enyimba player. Did I say I know? That’s a lie. I don’t. Rather I’d say. I think most NPFL players will like to be at the top of their game playing for Enyimba. But we can only have so much. We can’t have more than 35 registered players and even with this, it shuts the door to our youth players. 

Some of these guys who haven’t seen any action and know they are down the pecking order could really make a career decision for themselves. It’s almost an abomination to name names in the Nigerian Professional Football League and I would love to name names but I’ll let that pass. But a professional player who isn’t ready to accept criticism isn’t ready. Your career rests on this. 

We have certain strikers who know they will only play if there is an injury crisis at the club, how about pushing for a loan move? Guys like Emeka Obioma and Maxwell Effiom could go get used to the NPFL terrain by going away on loan. Ready destinations could include Umuahia, Owerri or Omoku. Truth is we hardly even send players out on loan which I think is a very horrible stance. 

If these guys don’t go on loan, and are only limited to bit insignificant cameos, we are in danger of stunting their growth and development. Whereas if they go, they’ll learn their trade better and they will come back as a strong boost to the team. I do hope we make the best decision for ourselves and these players. Add the fact that someone else could be paying their salaries for this period they’ll be away. 

Finally for today, I’ll like to congratulate China Acheru aka Ikwerreman who is marking his incredible feat of having watched a thousand games live at a stadium. This is nothing short of phenomenal and inspiring. And when you think that most of those games are NPFL games, it’s even more beautiful. Congratulations again sir. 

That’s all for today. 

Back tomorrow, 



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