CAFCC: Now here’s how we can pack out our Calabar home this Sunday

Unsurprisingly, many of our readers are unperturbed by the sweet talk from Governor Ikpeazu and the stadium. You don’t blame them, do you? I mean, we’ve had a thousand and seven deadlines already. My friend Chibuzor Amos already listed here on this blog, all the different dates and deadlines we have had in the past. 6 weeks thus becomes, just another one of such. 

Yes, but like we titled yesterday’s blog. It’s a good thing that there are updates coming in though. It might eventually be all false but at least, I think it’s better than a no call no show. I know the pictures we all want to see are those of people working and actually laying the turf so the rafters for our roof. But until that is possible, we clutching at this 6 weeks straws. 

Today’s primary thoughts are on the venue for our CAF games. After keeping mum on the issue all season, it has emerged that indeed our games going to be played at the UJ Esuene stadium after all. I told someone, that’s the best kept secret since appointment of Andrew Abalogu as the vice captain at the club. 

I’m actually tempted to talk about Andrew Abalogu and maybe someday I would. I do have my personal concerns on his (and indeed a few others) recent contribution to the club as against his performance in the 2013/2014 season. I’m not trying to be hyper critical of anyone and honestly, I don’t even care if anyone thinks I am. If you as a professional footballer cannot stomach criticism that should see you become even a better player, then that’s entirely your business. 

I think the club should engage in some publicity around the Calabar area to canvass for fans at the Energies game this Sunday. If we want people at the game, then we can’t just sit around and hope people come. There are human beings who live in Calabar and they can fill up that stadium. Marketing 101, the club can do something a little bit different in their marketing style. For starts, schedule for minutes on all sports shows on radio and TV in Calabar between today and Saturday. 

We have players like Mfon and Ikouwem who know thing or two about the local language. Get them on air. Give these OAPs whatever they would like so they can make some noise about this game. It is a Continental game for heavens sake. Fans can even call in and win free tickets to the game. I offer to pay for 20 fans who will call in on the show if it is scheduled. It’s no joke. I’m dropping N4,000 on the table. 

The University of  Calabar is only a few minutes away, we can arrange campus storms to get students at the game. Students can be given a discount – N50 or N100 to watch Enyimba at the stadium, and I am certain we can have good numbers at the stadium. We can fill the air with noise about this game that people have no option but to cancel their other engagements to be there. We call it ruthless marketing. 

I did say a few days ago that we have not done our best in our marketing technique for our club and someone accused me of being anti-Enyimba but is any of the stuff mentioned above Rocket Science? It is not. We just haven’t done our best but we can start today. Come on guys. 

Back tomorrow, 



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