Goal scoring problems at the club, what if the solution had been staring us in the face the whole time? 

Good morning everyone, 

As we tuck away the disappointment of Sunday’s defeat, I’m drawn to talk a little more about something I mentioned in the course of the first blog post yesterday. A lot of you say you enjoy two blog posts as we did yesterday and while it would be a fascinating thing to do, Enyimba content isn’t always very easy to come by. Not peculiar to Enyimba, NPFL stuff isn’t always all over the place. So one for now please and when two happens, Praise the Lord. 

We did mention it a little bit yesterday and in fact it’s hardly news but we do have goalscoring problems at the club. Hold on, this is not about Aigbogun now, we are talking a longstanding problem that has been with us for a while now. It was there in Kadiri Ihkana’s days- I remember the game we played against Buffles back in the day. We missed tonnes of opportunities including a penalty before Sokari and Peter got us 2 very late in the game. Eto had put us ahead earlier. 

With Ogunbote, it was there as well. Severally last term, it was Ibenegbu to the rescue – scoring free kicks for fun and turning 1 point into 3 in home games. Then Mfon had his quota as well albeit from the spot most times. This of course has continued with both reigns of Paul Aigbogun.

Acquiring some of the better legs in the league hasnt been of help. From Ahmed Kone to Christian Obiozor. Mfon Udoh to Ibrahim Mustapha. From Peter Onyekachi to Ismaila Gata, Abdulrahman Bashir to Abdulrahman Bashir 2.0. We just haven’t had that goalscoring machine since Mfon Udoh (in that fateful season). In fact Mfon Udoh 2.0 has yet to match Mfon Udoh 2013 version. 

Just before the Energes game, Aigbogun 2.0 was quoted as saying: “We are glad we scored more than once today (Sunday). We have not done that since the start of the season. It was a difficult game and we made the right changes, that brought us the result. It is a turning point for the team“. Clearly something that has been a source of concern for the gaffer it seems. 

We did score twice away in Cotonou but we fell short again in Enugu despite creating loads of chances. I do think that this problem isn’t unconnected with the legion of attacking prowess we possess. You can have too much of players that it is difficult to even know who your best legs are. Take Ohanachom for instance. Signed from El-Kanemi Warriors, he couldn’t find his mojo with us- now he’s at Yobe Stars, he’s scoring for fun again. Chinonso Okonkwo and Abdulrahman Bashir both went to teams were they were allowed to star and they produced the goods so consistently, we had to bring them back. 

Maybe our “galatico” style of recruiting – signing up just whatever and whoever we can, means we can’t even work with a group and watch them produce. Consistency does have an invaluable effect on a team and the proverbial too many hands spoil the broth. No doubt, the coaching crew have to earn their money by working out attack systems that work – which they know they should but maybe we can be more prudent with our recruiting. Any decent attacker can be properly coached to fetch goals.  And based on what we know, we know we have quite a number of decent strikers at the club now. 

Going forward, hopefully our coaches can work individually with this lot and just fashion out what works. I do feel we have some players at the club who in all honesty, we don’t need. We are basically paying them to make up the numbers and they are not even making any progress in their personal careers. Our Continental and league challenges rest on our efficiency in front of goal. We expect the coaches to work their magic but in all honesty, we need to let go of players we don’t need at the club. Sometimes smaller is better.  

Back tomorrow, 



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