Rangers vs Enyimba: Stay humble and give this game the seriousness it deserves

Good morning everyone, 

So we’ve been on an indefinite no blog no show. I’m gonna spare you the details because it’s very likely you’ve heard all I have to say already. All I can say is, owning an Enyimba blog is a very difficult thing. Sometimes it’s hard to draw the line between praising the team for great exploits amidst the other things going on at the club. Mostly of course the none pleasant stuff. 

Before talking of this derby, I’ll like to say that everyone at a football club ought to have a clearly defined role and just like we see it in Europe, only the coach should speak of the condition of their players. Prematch and post match reviews should be from players or the head coach. Why? Because they are the principal actors. 

No matter how much I love Enyimba, I can only give my views from the standpoint of a fan. I cannot speak for the coaches or the players. If a person parades themselves as a journalist, ask yourself, how do your professional colleagues the world over carry out their duties? Yes, there could be press releases from the club but when you throw out other stuff, you wanna know, don’t everyone have a clearly defined responsibility? 

So, I’m at a crossroads with this blog. The head vs the heart.  The head wants to quit- like to just walk away and never look back. My heart still beats for this team. Born and raised in the streets of Aba, you might be able to understand my connection with this team. It’s a dilemma. 

So we won 2-0 away in the CAF Confederations Cup, we are halfway into the next round. Kudos. Brilliant stuff really. A very disciplined and matured show by our players and we even missed a penalty kick that would have sealed the tie. Bar that defeat away at Kastina United, we are unbeaten in all competitions this season. Aigbogun 2:0 has been a fantastic signing for us. Thank you Chief Anyansi for bringing him back. 

But we are in Enugu, facing a resilient side tutored by our former gaffer. We are high riding in confidence but we must apply the caution. No game is a stroll in the park and if you must come out victorious, you will have to earn it. Our unbeaten run counts for nothing at 4pm. We have to put in our best and guess what? We can go top with a win. 

We do have a fantastic opportunity to win the title this season. Great players, a coach that feels he has something to prove and a set of fans very hungry for success. We must stay humble and give every game the seriousness it deserves. Confidence is a very tricky thing is football, too much of it could see you crash down to earth. 

All the best to the lads this evening. 

Back tomorrow, 



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