Enyimba: Looking homewards with faith and hope 

Good morning everyone.

It is a really gloomy week drawing to a close. A week we may never forget and never want to remember too. We just can’t believe that it happened but we’ve got to accept it. God knows best.

Let’s return back home. Our real home, not Calabar but Enyimba International Stadium Aba. It has been 2 full seasons and 9 matches outside our real home. Our fortress and a return is looking imminent but without a seemingly definite timeline.

We really congratulate the efforts of everyone who have put one thing or another into making sure that we actually return to Aba to host our home games. We are really really grateful but the job isn’t over yet.

On the third weekend in March (March begins on the first day of the weekend), we are expected to host Energie Sports FC at anywhere we will choose as our home stadium and what a rousing welcome we will get if that match is played in Aba.

This is continental football and fans play a vital role in the performance of teams at home. Enyimba have missed the vociferousness of a typical home stadium, the kind we see at the Sani Abacha stadium in Kano and in North Africa. Some of our current crop of players don’t even know how loud we can be and imagine if they hear it and are assured that the noise is actually for them, that can be extra motivation to give 110%.

Enyimba need to have a stadium close to her fans for the CAF Confederation Cup. We are actually appealing to everyone involved to help us return in time.

We, both fans and the team, need this now more than ever. Maybe, when it is reopened, a section can be named after our fallen hero, Chinedu Udoji, in the memory of his commitment and dedication to the club. He’s a cult hero, no doubt and it won’t be too much.

In closing, I did read the press release by the club regarding support for Udoji’s family. I do love the chairman’s words 

Chinedu (Udoji) is someone I’m very proud of. Seeing the reaction in Nigeria, you begin to understand what it means for someone to be special. His attitude to the team showed gratitude and love, right to the end. He is an example, and a lesson to you all: use this career well, and it will lift you. Anybody can die, but your aim should be to be remembered the way Chinedu is remembered. He left an impact on the hearts and minds of everyone. As long as I remain the Chairman, Enyimba will play a big role for his family. A very big role!” 

You could have a thing or two against the chairman and his ways but you cannot deny his love and commitment to the club. Those words are truly comforting.

Back tomorrow.

‘Enyimba Enyi!


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