Enyimba Kano branch vs Enyimba Calabar branch 

Good morning Guys, 

So it’s Enyimba Kano branch vs Enyimba Calabar branch at the Sani Abacha Stadium Kano. The rest of “us” who are supposed to be the real Enyimba of Aba would be looking around wondering whatever is going on. I’m not going to make this about our stadium, cos that’s already a very well documented sad story. We do have a match preview to attempt, so let’s get on with it. 

Right before that, I saw highlights of the Enyimba vs Plateau United game and it was a shame, to say the least. If this is what we have become, then there’s really no saving us. My first thoughts were, if this style of officiating was metted out to us away from home, we would come here on the blog and scream blue murder. There’s no sugarcoating it, it was horrible. 

Yes we profited from it and someone said, “Decisions even themselves out in the course of the season” and if you agree that because of that, we should sweep it under the carpet, then you are the problem of Nigerian football. First, the Ifeanyi Anaemena headed chance early in the game was offside. I had no doubt it would have been awarded as a goal had it hit the target. It was a wrong call. 

The penalty awarded us from which we scored was a handball in the area but in all honesty, it was soft, very soft. Was it deliberate? Was his hands in a natural position? I’ll let you be the judge but it was awarded and Dimgba hit a brilliant spotkick. It appears the average NPFL player is excellent majorly from the penalty spot. This is no attempt to discredit Stanley Dimgba who has been totally unreal this season.

Then Plateau got what was a legit goal chalked off on the auspices of offside in the second half. I’m not going to even query if it’s a good call or a wrong one. My question is, if we got that kind of goal ruled off away from home, would we applaud the officials for their eagle view eyesight or we would feel hardly done by? Answer to yourself. As far as I am concerned, there are some things much more important than three points. 

In no distant time, we would be in the Continent. For a team that has won their last three home games by a 1-0 score margin, however can this be encouraging? 1-0 home wins will get you absolutely nowhere in the Continent. The team scored in the first half and that was it. And this has happened for the last three consecutive home games. And with the quality of players we have, if you are not feeling concerned, you should be concerned that you are not feeling concerned.

The Pillars game is on TV. Enjoy it wherever you’re watching from. 

Back tomorrow 



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