Some thoughts on Center Back Ifeanyi Anaemena 

Good morning Everyone, 

Today I’ll like to wax lyrical about our Central Defender, Ifeanyi Anaemena. Why aren’t you writing about Isiaka Oladuntoye or Nelson Ogbonnaya or Ernest Governor? Two things – they’re all very new to the team and believe it or not, I never watched the other three ever perform in an Enyimba Jersey yet. Hopefully I will. Soon. Amen. 

First and foremost, we did speak severally on this blog how that his partnership with Nelson Ogbonnaya was a complimentary pair last season. To be honest, those assertions weren’t because I did see them ever play together but the team got somewhat stabilized defensively. And his return to the side this season has us looking really good at the back again. 

Back to back clean sheets isn’t enough to suddenly declare him a Messiah but I do love that CB pairing. Nelson Ogbonnaya isn’t your regular very vocal Center Back, he looks the quieter partner looking to mop up while Anaemena gets into the challenges. And it does appear that he is playing lot better with a more assured and a more vocal partner. And this is not to discredit any of the other CBs in the team. 

I remember the very first day I saw him, it wasn’t a good experience. Kadiri Ikhana led his Giwa side to a point in Aba. Ifeanyi Anaemena was the standout performer for me that day. His decent pace and tough tackling denied us that day. It was frustrating and I remember trying to write a match report afterwards. The frustration aside, I think he won his auditioning that day with his performance. 

Three seasons later and now a deputy captain at the club I think Anaemena has all the personality and inert quality to become an Enyimba Legend someday. That said, this doesn’t in any way claim he is perfect. I still remember his early bath in Owerri a couple of seasons ago for two silly tackles. He does need to master the art of managing his physicality in a way that it doesn’t cost the team. 

Beyond the tackling, there also is the concerns about his fitness. He has been in and out of the team no thanks to this niggling injuries. Do we have a defender who had been sidelined this much? Someone said its diabolical  -stating that the club’s three captains are currently out injured at some point. 

How important Anaemena would eventually become to this team remains to be seen but undoubtedly the quality and comeliness is there. Let’s also hope that he finds a way to stay motivated and more importantly fit. Because when I look at him, I see in him, an Enyimba legend. Whether or not he lives up to this billing, is only a question time will answer. 


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