Is loving another NPFL club mean I’m cheating on Enyimba? 

Good morning Guys, 

A lot of you reacted to yesterday’s post. And some wondered what it was with the big grammar. Well, guess I had to hide behind those grammar and hurl some well deserved insults at the right door steps. One of my “senior men” tweeted: “Sam went in hard on Sunshine Stars, rightly so”. I was glad to see that. No only because I’m happy he always reads the blog but the fact that he would stand by the condemnation of such acts even if it concerns a club he should be “related” to. 

Today in absence of a lot of Enyimba juice, I’ll write a little about my second favorite football club. No, it’s not the small boys of Umuahia. I’m talking Akwa United. I’ll start out with a little story. Three things got me bonded to Akwa United and No, not because former media officer Uwem constantly called me his Inlaw and would tease me to choose a wife from the pretty ladies at their matches. It’s something lot more intriguing. 

I was on official duty for the LMC back in the day when some thugs decided to threaten the match officials. Someone told one of them that “that guy sitting there” was an LMC representative. The guy, clearly off his senses walked up to me, grabbed me and started pushing me. Out of the referee’s rooms, out of the tunnel and toward the exit. He said, “Get out of this stadium. I go beat you o”. This was during half time and if you know the Godswill Akpabio Stadium, you knew there are good numbers at their home games.

I obeyed. You had to obey. I didn’t and couldn’t risk getting into a fight with him. Some injuries could ensure no girl would want to marry you again. But I felt sorry for them because in the words of Jesus “They didn’t know what they were doing”. I was almost at the exit when one of the State Sports administrators saw what was going on and hurried to me. He and my dear friend Uwem. They rushed at him and what followed was a barrage of hot Ibibio tongues obviously sternly reprimanding him for trying to pour fuel into the fire. 

The fire of course was that El-Kanemi Warriors led by Kelechi Emetole of blessed memory was about to pull a shock result off Akwa United in Uyo. After talking some sense into the fellow, they switched to me, begging and asking me not to leave the stadium. “Don’t mind him, don’t you know all these boys who smoke and drink and just come here to cause trouble for Akwa”? “Please sit down here, nobody will touch you”. 

“You people have asked me to go, let me go please,” I feigned. The begging continued. They took turns, this tall Adminstrator and then Uwem. Outwardly I was forming vex, within, I was smiling. Sometimes it feels good to be begged. Somehow that incident and how it eventually played out got me connected to Akwa. And such nonsense never repeated again. You know that feeling of respect for the office you represent? Right. With respect of course, we all became very good friends and of course they learnt to behave. 

The second factor was the very warm reception of Uyo whenever I came. For one who lived in Aba, Uyo was a closer, cleaner, much more fun environment. I just loved to be there and Akwa United was one reason why I had to go. And boy I loved the food too. If you have not tasted Akwa Ibom delicacies you are missing too much. Give it a try and trust me, your  life will never remain the same again. Trust me. Factor in also, the fact that I made my break into Nigerian football while watching Akwa United vs Kaduna United a couple of years back. 

Third and on a more emotional note. I love the tunes the Akwa United supporters play during their home games. Some of them are very soulful and if you’ve watched a game at Uyo and claim you were never moved by those tunes, check yourself, maybe some cations and anions are dying within you. So with Valentine’s Day only a few hours away, here’s my cheers to the side chic, Akwa United. The Babe I can’t date or marry because I’m with Enyimba already but one I can’t stop thinking about. Sometimes. Most times. 

And yea, Congratulations to the next National Under 20 men’s head coach. A certain Paul Aigbogun. 

And a certain Abdu Makaiba 

Back tomorrow with a match preview. 



2 thoughts on “Is loving another NPFL club mean I’m cheating on Enyimba? 

  1. Glad I’m not alone here. Grew up in uyo, everything you’ve said about the state and the city is a yes and a yes. I’m in a bitter Sweet relationship with enyimba but akwa has been giving me the side eye for years. Seen them on their historic entry into the prem league and back to nnl, from the old stadium to the new stadium and from their kick and follow to their brand new mesmerizing football. Oh yes I love them but enyimba already put a ring on it.

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